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Generic Method for Prevention of Software Piracy

Nadeem Sajjad, Rohit Maheshwari

Abstract: Software piracy has been major issue for software industries. They have to pay a very large amount to protect their applications. There are several insurance schemes for the protection of software. But they all are very costly and provide services for a limited period of time. This paper will demonstrate a protector tool which can be developed in any platform very easily so that the vendor can protect the software not only for being pirated but also capable of limited period expiration of software. This strategy will provide easy and low cost protection which is more effective than MAC address authentication. This tool is very useful for desktop applications which use internet for their internal working, as it provides server based authentication, but is also feasible for those applications that do not use internet as it has client side authentication also.

Keywords: Hardware Based Authentication, SMS Authentication, Software Piracy, Software Protection, Low Cost Software Protection

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