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Ensuring Security in Multi-Cloud Computing

Y. Madhusekhar, Snehal P. Rokade

Abstract: Cloud computing is an emerging technology which has considerable potential as an alternative process for traditional silo computing. One can deploy applications more speedily across shared server storage resource pools than is possible with conventional enterprise solutions. Deploying modern web applications across a cloud framework enables a new level of agility that is very difficult to accomplish with traditional silo computin. Rather than this all the benefits of cloud computing has big issue to be concern which is its security, reason is involvement of third party. Now a days enterprises preferring multi-clouds, or in other words, interclouds or cloud-of-clouds rather than single cloud provider. Focal point of this paper is multicloud security by using secrete sharing algorithm.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Multi-clouds, DepSky Architecture, Secrete Sharing security, Fault Tolerance

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