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Speed is a very important property of matter particle and force carrying particle. Any field like the Higgs field, electromagnetic field, and gravitational field has its own fixed speed. These are basically energy fields created by some kind of force carrying particles. The Higgs field which exists everywhere in the Universe provides resistance to the matter particles and hence matter particles have mass. Mass is a property of matter particle or a particular state of matter particle that comes into existence in the presence of Higgs field. The field-particle chemistry produces the property mass in the matter particles which intern produces gravity proportional to the property mass. The Higgs field exists because of a force carrying particle called the Higgs Boson. The rate of chance of states of matter is its own evolution. Every particle has its own measure of evolution and hence its own lifetime, in other words its own time. Every particle differs from other particles in lifetime or in time itself. Every particles lifetime is actually its own measure of time. Every lifetime is absolutely unique on its own. People measure time with respect to the Earths rotation and revolution and compare their own time with respect to other people around to conclude good time, better time, bad time, worst time etc. These are purely psychological divisions only, time is basically a time only, not a bad time or a good time.