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Women should also be an important part of workforce in society. Unless women scientists succeed in their scientific careers, they cannot serve as decision makers and role models for future developments in research and scientific programmes. Unfortunately, achievements and recognition of women is poor in the all fields including science and technology. While women undertake education at graduation, post graduation and doctoral levels, most of them are not actively engaged in further research. In order to avoid gender inequality and to address the needs, analysis was made to identify the various funding agencies that support research schemes exclusively for women. University grants commission (UGC), Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Science and Engineering research Board (SERB) Department of Health research (DHR) and Department of science and technology (DST) have launched separate schemes exclusively for women having aptitude towards research in science and technology. The details were obtained from the websites. The information about each award including the eligibility criteria, tenure, nature of financial assistance and other conditions are given in this review article.