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Introduction Human organ transplantation represent one of best example of scientific achievements of medical science. Organ transplantation is a gift of second life for thousand peoples of the word. It is very difficult and impossible thing for living individual who can donate their organ itself. Rarely very close relative or family members of needed person (organ recipient) donate his/her organ. But if person just after his /her death can donate their organ then it is possible to save many other lives.So for this purpose Government make rules and act that if individual just prior to his /her death or family members of patient just after death of their loving one, wants donate patients organ then can donate organ lawfully. Brain-dead patients can be potential source for this purpose. Aim By This article we try to awake awareness in general population. This article reviews the current rules and Act related to organ donation program in India. Organ donation means donating organ or biological tissue to a need full person (living recipient). Result The transplanting organ of dying patients can save life of thousands peoples and also organ of dead patient survive or live even after his /her death. It is also a precious gift for loving ones of dead patient.