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Research Paper | Electronics & Communication Engineering | India | Volume 3 Issue 5, May 2014

Realtime Character Translator

Girish B. Baviskar, P. M. Mahajan

Real time character translator project is one of the innovating application to character recognition. Artificial neural networks have been effectively applied to document analysis and recognition of isolated handwritten and printed characters with widely recognized successful results. However; many other document processing tasks like pre-processing; layout analysis; character segmentation; word recognition; and signature verification have been effectively faced with very promising results. It is being advantages to have a converter that can convert English into many other languages so it is being good to improve understanding of many concepts.. It has numerous applications that includes; reading aid for blind; bank cheques and conversion of any hand written document into structural text form. Neural Network (NN) with its inherent learning ability offers promising solutions for handwritten character recognition. This project identifies the most suitable NN for the design of hand written English character recognition system and after recognition of sentences or word it can convert that sentences to any other language selected. This project focus on English character recognition using feed forward neural network. We emphasis on capital; small and special symbols of English language. After recognizing characters we translate the paragraph into Hindi language and many more languages in world by using GOOGLE transliteration.

Keywords: Neural Network, OCR, MLP, Feed forward back propagation, SVM, ANN

Edition: Volume 3 Issue 5, May 2014

Pages: 1230 - 1235

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