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Metamaterial as a Resonant Absorber

Ravia Puri, Ruchi Singla

Abstract: Resonant absorbers are used to ensure that all resonant light is neither reflected nor transmitted but is turned completely into heat and get absorbed. From transmission line theory resonant absorbers which depends on the materials way to interact with wave at particular frequency. Resonant absorbers are also called as quarter wavelength absorbers. Absorber design is an impedance match problem. MTM with its strong EM responses is used for designing a resonant absorber. MTM are material with negative value of permeability and permittivity made up of periodic array of magnetic inclusion. These properties are derived from their precisely designed structure. Metamaterials are unique materials which exhibits negative index of refraction. Metamaterials are used as cloaks; miniature antennas; concentrators and so on. MTM based absorber is best suited for THZ regime (Far-IR region). Design of a metamaterial based resonant absorbers providing absorption of EM wave at resonance frequency is discussed.

Keywords: Metamaterials, impedance, reflectance, transmission