Downloading: Hand Gesture Recognition Using Radial Length Metric
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Hand Gesture Recognition Using Radial Length Metric

Warsha M.Choudhari, Pratibha Mishra, Rinku Rajankar, Mausami Sawarkar

Abstract: A gesture recognition system is such a system that recognizes and differentiates between gestures. These gestures can be any type of facial or body gestures. Various facial expressions constitute facial gestures. Similarly the various gestures that can be made using our hand, or the palm to be more specific are called HAND GESTURES Sign languages are the most raw and natural form of languages could be dated back to as early as the advent of the human civilization, when the first theories of sign languages appeared in history. It has started even before the emergence of spoken languages. Since then the sign language has evolved and been adopted as an integral part of our day to day communication process. Now, sign languages are being used extensively in international sign use of deaf and dumb, in the world of sports, for religious practices and also at work places. Gestures are one of the first forms of communication when a child learns to express its need for food, warmth and comfort.

Keywords: computer vision, gesture recognition, radial length, stereoscopic displays, tactile information