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Prototype Electric Self-Loading Cart

M.I.C.A. Jose Luis Hernandez Corona, T.S.U. Omar Romano Vazquez, M.I.C.A. Ernesto Mendoza Vazquez

Abstract: This project aims to make a prototype for an electric car, since electric cars have 0 emissions of carbon dioxide. Plus they are very economical as they do not need any kind of fuel to operate. Nowadays, the problem of contamination is huge and it is produced by many different factors. Contamination refers not only to littering on the streets, but also to air, noise and water pollution, among others. In this case we will focus on pollution caused by cars in Mexico City, since they produce carbon dioxide because they have internal combustion engines, and these use fuels derived from petroleum for their operation. Currently, in Mexico City and according to the Statistics of Motor Vehicles Registered in Circulation, the State of Mexico has a total of 5.1 million registered cars, which means that altogether circulate a total of 20.8 million vehicles in the country. This indicates that we have a high consumption of fuel and a high production of carbon dioxide. To reduce the carbon dioxide pollution, it was decided to create a prototype of an electric auto rechargeable car and for the creation of this prototype an avalanche, which is similar to a skateboard but it has a steering wheel, was taken as base.The prototype works with an electric motor that runs on direct current, two 15-plate auto batteries to power the engine and an auto alternator; this generates direct current to recharge the batteries. Pulleys and belts to transmit the mechanical power of the motor to the drive shaft and a speed regulator for the engine are also required.

Keywords: pollution, electric motor, 0 emissions of carbon dioxide, pollution