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Sikh Theology and Dalit Identity in Punjab

Ranjit Kaur

Abstract: Punjab is an important part of India, which is known as the land of saints, patriots and brave human beings. Peoples of Punjab are very religious. They worship Hinduism, Sikhism, Islamism etc among these religions there are different classes of people lived here. The lower class of any religion is treated as Untouchables. They are ill-treated by the other classes of society. Sikh theology believes in the equality of human beings. It believes that all human beings are the children of same father, God. Sikh theology does not believe in untouchability. In society religion plays an important role to guide mankind. Society and religion both are necessary for each other. Without society there can be no religion and without religion we cannot imagine society. In society there is different kind of people which belonged different classes. All classes of society upper, middle and lower jointly make a society. Lower class of society is called depressed class. Sikh theology is against the un-touch ability of society. It raised a high voice against untouchability. Once a time when Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was eager to embrace Sikhism but later he gave up this idea.