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Air Quality Monitoring Using Model: A Review

Ukaigwe, Sandra A., Osoka, Emmanuel C.

Abstract: Air pollution is a global environmental challenge that has continued to receive worldwide attention despite the recent decline in concentration of atmospheric pollutants following stringent environmental protection regulations. The major source of this pollution remains fossil fuels; hence the urgent need for cleaner energy sources. This study presents a review of the models applied in monitoring ambient air quality. The primary aim of air pollution modeling is to identify and quantitatively characterize pollutant emission at its source and subsequent dispersion through the atmosphere, subject to meteorological conditions, physical and chemical transformations. The common models and model assumptions for modeling air pollution and quality were critically reviewed and analyzed in this work for application in both forecasting and estimation of air pollutants on the basis of considered causes and in air quality assessment and air pollution control.

Keywords: Pollutants, Gaussian, Dispersion, Models