Downloading: A Focus on Layer Aspects of Mobile Computing
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A Focus on Layer Aspects of Mobile Computing

E. Bharathi, R. Kanakaraj

Abstract: This paper focuses on layer aspects of mobile computing. While transmission over different wires typically does Not cause Interface; this is an important topic in wireless transmission. Now days people are hang on the mobile concepts of Techniques. The wireless transmission was used in all fields in whole world. Even in homes we are using Wireless Equipments such as radio, television, etc. ATM is a technology designed for the high-speed transfer of voice, video, and data through public and private networks using cell relay technology. ATM is an International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) standard. ATM technology is used in every walks of life of human and in latest equipments. The practice of maximizing the uses of ATM technology has to be exercised by creating wide network in our world. Therefore, this paper is about the aspects of (TRAFFIC-CONTRACTS) from ATM technology, which are necessary for Understanding the problems of higher layers and the complexity needed to handle transmission impairments. Most people are using ATM technology but they wont have an idea upon it. But in this world we are using the ATM technology with satellite

Keywords: ATM, wireless transmission, ITU-T, public and private