Downloading: Real-Time Data Distribution System of Disaster Reduction Information for India
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Real-Time Data Distribution System of Disaster Reduction Information for India

Jha Ashutosh Sonelal, Chainika Das

Abstract: The Indian sub-continent is faced with enormous number of disasters every year. The disaster management officers and researchers of each state are thus responsible for the task of floating mechanisms which allow disaster information for a broad area extending over many countries to be obtained for fast and easy tracking and analysis of the scale and size of the destruction. We therefore propose to put forward a methodology that can aid in spreading disaster reduction information to the Indian sub-continent and neighboring regions, using the Internet technology for efficient distribution and GIS technology that explains the geographical propagation of the disaster for easier analysis of the state of disaster. In order to abate the damage when disasters strike, there is a need to collect and distribute disaster information instantaneously. We thus need to sort out pre-existing and state-of-the-art technology for collecting disaster information immediately and verify the accuracy of this information. We then require to conduct experiments to measure the duration for the period from actual collection of the data to its distribution. Based on these results, we will study effective data sources and data collection technology for distributing disaster information briskly to the neighboring countries. This paper will cover the results of the study on the actual-time collection and distribution of disaster information as well as the features of the mechanism developed.

Keywords: Real-Time Data Distribution, Information Technology in Disaster Reduction, Data Collection