Downloading: Effect of Spirulina (Candies) Supplementation On Pre-School Children
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Effect of Spirulina (Candies) Supplementation On Pre-School Children

R. Varalakshmi, Anangamathi. E

Abstract: There are many neutraceuticals developed in the world as supplements and spirulina is one amongst them, though spirulina has been recognised as nutrient dense neutraceutical and also as a mineral food for therapeutic purposes, the general public are not aware of the existence of spirulina and its health benefits, use it as an animal feed substitution or set out to save the world by incorporating it as an alternative protein source into the meals of undernourished. The present study funded byantenna trust and supportedby RASS tirupati a voluntary organisation to supplement spirulina product to the under five children and to conduct an action research project which comprise of 500 preschool children who were assessed pre and post supplementation by the direct methods of nutritional assessment. The period of supplementation was for 6 months. The parameter assessed were Weight, Height and MUAC which has shown a high significance of the study in spirulina (SP) group in comparisonto the non spirulina group (NSP).

Keywords: Neutraceuticals, Spirulina Nutritional assessment, Weight, Height, Mid upper arm circumference MUAC