Downloading: Synthesis Fabrication and Characterization of ULSI
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Synthesis Fabrication and Characterization of ULSI

A. Napolean, S. Arunprathap

Abstract: In order to satisfy Moores prediction law digital circuit fabrication technology has undergone various stages of evolution from Small Scale Integration (SSI) to Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI). Further for future scaling; industrialists and researchers are very much concentrated in Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI) technology; where interconnect issues turn out be serious bottle neck limiting the overall performance of the circuit. In our paper; we have proposed a solution that will hold good for the interconnect issues with future technologies. After going through a serious of pros and cons with copper element as interconnect in ULSI technology we have analyzed the suitability and need for silver metal among various different metal elements as substitute element to replace conventional copper as interconnect. To start up with; initially Silver nano-particles were synthesized from its precursor Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) by a novel solvothermal and filtration process; SEM images and XRD analysis of prepared silver nano-particles were carried out and the results were checked to conform the formation of silver nano-particles. Thus prepared silver nano-particles were used to draw interconnect patterns and these patterns were characterized to prove its identity to find application as interconnect in ULSI technology.

Keywords: Moores Law, Interconnect Issues, Silver Nano-Particles, Solvothermal Process, Filtration Process, ULSI