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Semantic Similarity Using Web Search Engine

Meghana Raut, Nityaspandana Nalamari, Darshana Rane

Abstract: Measuring the semantic similarity between words is an important component in various tasks on the web such as relation extraction, document clustering, and automatic metadata extraction. Despite the usefulness of semantic similarity measures in these applications, accurately measuring semantic similarity between two words (or entities) is still difficult. We propose a method to estimate semantic similarity using page counts and text snippets retrieved from a web search engine for two words. Specifically, we define various word co-occurrence measures using page counts and integrate those with lexical patterns extracted from text snippets. To identify the numerous semantic relations that exist between two given words, we propose a pattern extraction algorithm and a pattern clustering algorithm. The optimal combination of page counts-based co-occurrence measures and lexical pattern clusters is obtained using support vector machines.

Keywords: web mining, information retrieval, page counts, snippets