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Custom Power Improvement in Distribution System by Open UPQC

P. Kondala Rao, K. Vimala Kumar

Abstract: Power quality (PQ) is very important to certain consumers. In the future, distribution system operators might decide, to supply their consumers with different Power Quality levels and at different costs. A new device which can fulfill this role is that the OPEN unified power quality conditioner (UPQC), combination of a power-electronic series main unit place in the medium-voltage/low-voltage (LV) substation, in conjunction with power-electronic shunt units connected near to the end users. This device will do general improvement in PQ, reducing the common disturbances for all consumers by using only the series unit. Extra increments in PQ (i.e., mains power interruptions), is given to the consumers who need it (custom power) by the shunt units. Therefore, this new resolution combines associate improvement in PQ for all end users, with reduction in cost for people who need high quality power. For analyzing the proposed solution, a model of a 400-kVA lv grid is taken into account as test network to evaluate the steady-state performance. The results obtained under steady state shows the configuration chosen follows good device performance.

Keywords: Custom power, interface devices, OPEN unified power-quality conditioner UPQC, power quality PQ