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Review Papers | Medical Surgical | India | Volume 10 Issue 8, August 2021

Review Article on Airway Management Modalities

Pradip Kumar Mishra | Raghavendran M.

Abstract: Airway management is an essential part of life saving procedure. it is perform to protect the airway, it is necessary to individual those are unconscious, trauma and severe illness. The obstruction due to secretion of body fluids and presence of foreign body. The airway management is necessary for the individual to protect one?s life. This review is helpful for provide the education regarding how to manage the modalities of airway obstruction. In this review we know about the airway obstruction like chocking. There are several types of airway obstruction in here Upper airway obstructions, Lower airway obstructions, Partial airway obstructions, Complete airway obstructions, Acute airway obstructions, Chronic airway obstructions. The causes of airway obstruction are Inhaling or swallowing a foreign object, Small object lodged in the nose or mouth. Allergic reaction, Trauma to the airway from an accident Respiratory illness that causes upper airway inflammation (croup), Swelling of the tongue or epiglottis. Collapse of the tracheal wall (tracheomalacia). There are five Airway management modalities like Jaw thrust maneuver, Suctioning, Oropharyngeal airway, Nasopharyngeal airway, Intubation, Tracheostomy and in here each procedure have indication article and procedure and each procedure helpful for reduce the complication /risk of airway obstruction.

Keywords: ET. Tube - Endotracheal tube, Oropharyngeal airway

Edition: Volume 10 Issue 8, August 2021,

Pages: 323 - 329

Review Article on Airway Management Modalities

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