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Research Paper | Law | India | Volume 10 Issue 11, November 2021

Acquaintance Rape and Socio - Legal Effect in 21st Century in India

Ranjan Jyoti Sarma [4]

Abstract: Acquaintance Rape has been observed in every region of the world with people of different races. This research focuses on the factors that contribute to incidents of violence and rapes, which are generated by a variety of activities. How cases move from report to court is a contentious topic in and of itself. The justice system has a significant role to play in eliminating and generating additional issues for criminals to engage in such activities, thereby increasing the number of such cases. Changes in the economy's legal and non - legal elements operate in tandem to produce incidents in society such as rape, acquaintance rape, and strange rapes. Everyone in the group participates in the activities, either as a victim or as a criminal. It is critical to comprehend what causes victims to arise in such instances in order to decrease the Justice Gap in such cases. This research will also show you how society and its standards, as well as ancient culture, have a role in the occurrence of such incidents. Acquaintance Rape is much more upsetting since it is difficult to comprehend and accept that individuals with whom you spend your daily lives have suddenly become criminals in your life. This research will also explain why such rapists exist and why they only undertake this job for a specific reason. The relationship between rape experiences, gender revisionism, and crime executioner familiarity was investigated. Many students from many nations produced hypotheses about the victims, criminals, defaulters, neighbours, lovers, husbands, and others who subsequently commit such actions. The scenario of penalties and victims' rights has been infringed as the level of acquaintance has increased, bringing the boundaries of rapes down. Women are more unbiased when it comes to the victim's and men's penalties and they prefer to underestimate the severity of the situation.

Keywords: Acquaintance rape, Section - 376 (A), Section - 376 (2), Section - 376 (2) [a - g], Marital Rape

Edition: Volume 10 Issue 11, November 2021,

Pages: 119 - 124

Acquaintance Rape and Socio - Legal Effect in 21st Century in India

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