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Research Paper | Physics | India | Volume 9 Issue 2, February 2020

Radio Waves and Life

Snila K S

Nowadays a lot of studies are on effects of radiation from mobile tower, and mobile phone hazards, some studies end on the conclusion that mobile phone radiation has some bad effects on life. What about the radio waves we live in for millions of years Actually we are living in radio shower from outer space. There are millions of radio sources in our universe. If mobile radiation has an effect on life then we cannot neglect the effects of radiation from space. Our atmosphere is transparent to only two rays in electromagnetic spectrum, one is visible light and other is radio waves. In these, visible light is something which sustains life on earth. Then what about the other one, ‘the radio waves…. . ’ ‘Nature loves symmetry always’ If one has an effect the other will also have an effect. Radio waves may also be sustaining life on earth.

Keywords: radio waves

Edition: Volume 9 Issue 2, February 2020

Pages: 1294 - 1295

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Snila K S, "Radio Waves and Life", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 9 Issue 2, February 2020, 1294 - 1295

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