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Subjective Paper | Political Science | India | Volume 11 Issue 11, November 2022

The Role of Judiciary in India: If Balancing Activism or Working Under the Influence of Politics?

Malothu Ramesh [4]

Abstract: The wheels of Justice are known to grind very slowly. But turn they do, although in many cases the wait may involve years if not decades. Judiciary is the third very important organ of Indian Government. Other two organs are Legislature and Executive. Their functions are making of laws and execution of laws respectively. It is the backbone of the government because whenever there is a dispute between the Center and State, between State and the citizens and among the states, Judiciary is the only organ which controls the dispute and pass judgment. Judgment passed by the Judiciary is binding on all whether it may be citizens or government. Judiciary is the guardian of the human rights, protector of the constitution and promoter of peace and cordiality in India. It checks and balances the legislative or executive actions of the Government. It is very difficult to answer the question that whether Judges in India are free from political influence? As we all know that it is the sole responsibility of Supreme Court and high Courts in India to protect the Fundamental Rights of Citizens in our country. So, it is natural that wide powers should be given to the Courts so that they will maintain harmony and attain the objective set out in the Preamble of the constitution. If the judges become partial or if they work under the influence of politicians, the whole system will paralyze. In this article an effort have been made by citing various examples which shows that judiciary is playing its role impartially or without any kind of political influence. Role played by the Judiciary is highly appraisable. It is moving its approach from outdated methods of punishment towards innovative methods of punishment. In all over the world this effort of our Judiciary found recognition and appreciation.

Keywords: Judiciary, punishment, recognition, appreciation, innovative, impartically, fundamental, politicians, preamble, supreme

Edition: Volume 11 Issue 11, November 2022,

Pages: 901 - 904

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Malothu Ramesh, "The Role of Judiciary in India: If Balancing Activism or Working Under the Influence of Politics?", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), Volume 11 Issue 11, November 2022, pp. 901-904,

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