Possibility of Green Marketing in New Era
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Informative Article | Arts and Humanities | India | Volume 7 Issue 9, September 2018

Possibility of Green Marketing in New Era

Subymon S S

Green marketing products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. It incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, as well as modifying advertising. Green revolutions, going green, environmental protection, sustainable life style, sustainable development, protecting our earth and many more have become a natural phenomenon in our everyday life. Green marketing is a tool used by many companies in various industries to follow this trend. This concept has enabled for the re-marketing and packaging of existing products which already adhere to such guidelines. Additionally, the development of green marketing has opened the door of opportunity for companies to co brand their products into separate line, lauding the green-friendliness of some while ignoring that of others. This paper mainly focuses on the concept, need, importance & strategy of green marketing in companies. Researcher also examines the present scenario of green marketing and reasons that organizations are adopting green marketing as a tool for sustainable development. Data has to be collected from multiple sources of evidence to understand the importance of green and sustainability management, in addition to books, journals, websites, and news papers. The present paper deals that todays consumer behavior on green Marketing and this paper highlights the need, importance of green marketing, some problems with going green and also states what are the reasons that a marketer should consider for adopting green marketing for making changes in terms of product packages, modifications and production changes. This paper just gives a brief study on green marketing.

Keywords: Green marketing, Marketing, Green washing, Sustainable Marketing, Business Strategy, Green Strategy

Edition: Volume 7 Issue 9, September 2018

Pages: 508 - 510

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