Proposed Adaptive Steganography
International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

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Research Paper | Computer Science & Engineering | Iraq | Volume 7 Issue 3, March 2018

Proposed Adaptive Steganography

Raghad Khalid Mohammed, Woud Majid Abed

The definition of steganography is that it is the science of hiding or inserting data in transmission media. Its main goals, which are undetectability, robustness and capacity of the embedded data, are the basic elements which make it distinguishable from Cryptography. This paper includes a research on Digital Image with Adaptive Steganography is presented. The issue of steganography has been attacked from two directions. The first method attempts at overcoming the Targeted Steganalytic Attacks. The research is basically focused towards 1st order stats based targeted attacks. A couple of specific algorithms have been suggested that are capable of preserving the 1st order statistics of an image post hiding. The second method has the aim of resisting Blind Steganalytic Attacks specifically the attacks that are known as Calibration based Blind Attacks that attempt at estimating a structure of the cover from the steganographic image. A Statistical Hypothesis Test frame-work was established to test the effectiveness of the blind attack. An ordinary frame-work for JPEG steganography was presented that disturbs the cover image structure estimating of the blind attacks. Comparing results prove that the suggested method is capable of successfully resisting the calibration based blind attacks as well as some noncalibration based attacks.


Edition: Volume 7 Issue 3, March 2018

Pages: 1887 - 1892

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