Abstract: Molu Pair Fines on Indigenous Tradition Kisar Island
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Research Paper | Education Management | Indonesia | Volume 5 Issue 9, September 2016

Molu Pair Fines on Indigenous Tradition Kisar Island

Eudoxia Bennendyk

In universal culture of Meher can be grouped into six sub-system of culture, namely the inauguration of the king, marriage, death, brotherly relationship (kaka ali), collaboration (Roson) and manners (honoli). As well as the cultures that exist and are in Kisar Island in clumps Meher, there is a rule or law fines custom (Molu Pair). Fined custom (Molu Pair) is the imposition of traditional sanctions as a means to reduce violations of norms of general, such as (1) killing, (2) adultery, (3) eloped, (4) pregnant out of wedlock, (5) breach of caste marriage, (6) contempt, (7) rape, (8 theft. Sanctions for violations in the form of fines Indigenous (Molu Pair). This research method is a method of qualitative research focused on aspects of Indigenous Fines (Molu Pair) on the island of Kisar. Data collection techniques including observation, interview techniques, documentation techniques. Data analysis techniques through three grooves simultaneously data reduction, data presentation, drawing conclusions or verification. Indigenous peoples in Kisar Island is divided into two clusters, namely Meher clumps consisting of seven villages and several hamlets namely Wonreli, the Old Town, Abusur, Purpura, Lebelau, Leklor, Nomaha and Ma'aro clumps consisting of village Oirata Oirata west and east, The division is based on the language and cultural differences between these two clusters. Although staying in one location on the island of Kisar, but clumps Meher and Ma'aro/Oirata vary from one another, both customs and language.

Keywords: traditions, customs fines

Edition: Volume 5 Issue 9, September 2016

Pages: 1212 - 1215

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