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Increased Prevalence of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, Dementia and Fragmented Germ cells with Reduced Endogenous Estrogen

Dr. Elizabeth JeyaVardhini Samuel, Dr. Sanjoy Joseph George

Abstract: Background: Era of contraception, abortions, [20th, 21st centuries] implemented as family welfare schemes witnessed, increase in prevalence of dementia, psychosis, stroke, Parkinsons disease, cerebral tumors, myoclonus, seizures and Neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Objectives: altruistic association of contraception [if any], with increasing dementia, stroke, Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, psychosis, cerebral tumors, Parkinson`s disease in younger age was sought after. Methods: In 2012, retrospective analysis of, prevalence of stroke, in 350 patients of 20-35 years, 35-50 years, >50 years age groups, from data collected by convenient, stratified random sampling, from different geographical locations, between 2003-2012 and its association with presence, absence of contraception, abortion was undertaken; simultaneously, serum estrogen levels obtained from 105 patients, was also analyzed. Retrospective analysis of data of 279 patients who had presented with stroke, cerebral tumors, tuberculous meningitis, Parkinsons disease, myoclonus, seizures over 1989-2012 was undertaken. Data of another group of 318 patients presenting with psychosis including suicides, dementia, behavioral disorders spread over 1989 to 2012, of whom ~100 were college students with behavioral disorders, was also analyzed retrospectively for significant association of contraception status, cholesterol deprived diet and prevalence of neuropsychiatric disabilities. Steep rise in incidence of Neuroleptic malignant syndrome e. g.15 patients within 6 months in 2007 was identified in young women after tubectomy [p <0.0005]. Results: With no difference attributable to geographical location the results revealed. [a] Cholesterol deprived diet was associated with behavior disorders, including suicides as >100 fold increase in <20 years college students [p <0.0005]; chronic cholesterol deprived diet without contraception was associated with 10 fold increase in psychosis, dementia among 35->50 years with a p value of <0.0005 [b]Contraception with cholesterol deprived diet showed 30- 40 fold increase in psychosis starting from younger age itself 20->50years with a p value of <0.0005 and 30 fold increase in dementia in >50 years with a p value of <0.0005. [c]Neuroleptic malignant syndrome was seen with absolute increase in patients with tubectomy [p<0.0005]. [d]stroke, tumors, encephalitis, Parkinson`s disease, myoclonus, were seen with ~15 fold increase in contraceptive users with a p value of <0.0005. [f] Contraception reversal with essential cholesterol, fatty acids rich diet cured demyelination, behavior disturbances. Conclusion: The concept is Contraception, abortion preventing normal path traversed by germ cells, with smashed fragmentation of germ cells, consequent reduced endogenous estrogen: androgen, resultant defaulted genomic repertoire, deranged cell cycle, cell metabolism, degeneration of neuronal cells, neurotransmitters and cholesterol deprived diet with reduced myelin synthesis, hormone synthesis, neurotransmitter synthesis leading to ~40 fold increase of neuronal diseases with a p value of <0.0005 in young age itself. Since dopamine is inherently reduced by deranged cell metabolism after contraception, Neuroleptic: anti psychiatric drugs by further dopaminergic blockade precipitate the fatal Neuroleptic malignant syndrome; contraception reversal, with cholesterol rich diet enables therapies effective and prevents further deterioration of neurological pathologies, can prevent increasing prevalence of Neuroleptic malignant syndrome.

Keywords: Autologous germ cell replants, contraception reversal, defaulted genomic repertoire, deranged cell metabolism


Pages: 1694 - 1702

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