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Research Paper | Psychology Science | China | Volume 9 Issue 1, January 2020

Mental Health, Dynamic Psychology and Personal Management

LUO Guicheng

Mental health standards are flexible, varying along with different regional culture as well as different age. The goals of mental health management are, in a changing environment, to stabilize mental state, improve mental capacity, create good outer mental environment and refrain from abnormal mentality. Mental quality structure is made up of mental strength, flexibility, recovery capacity, balance ability, dexterity and intelligence. Mental exercise helps to overcome mental inertia and enhance mental quality. The focus for youth mental exercise is to breed mental capacity, while that of adult is to overcome negative mental inertia. Individual's emotion interacts with environment, which is dominated by law of dyeing vat, as is also the most important reason for dynamic mental management. Different environments need different mental health strategies, which is decision by circumstance orientation for mental health management. Li Zongwu?s mental model of thick and dark heart as well as Wei Xiaobao?s dynamic mental model is applied mental model under violence society, the beneficial ingredients of which should be adopted, the negative value within them should be abandoned. Innovations, (1) researched mental quality in a changing social environment, as is viewed as the main context of dynamic psychology, also the characteristic of this paper, (2) proposed the concept of mental exercise, (3) redefined the concept for mental inertia, also offered solutions for it, (4) proposed a fundamental law for dynamic psychology, law of dyeing vat, (5) proposed the concept of optimum emotion, the concept of decision by circumstance orientation, (6) researched several practical mental model, such as Empty Cup mental model, Li Zongwu?s thick and dark heart model, Wei Xiaobao?s flexible mental model. Methods, (1) literature research, (2) exemplifications, (3) simple statistics.

Keywords: mental quality structure, mental exercise, mental inertia, law of dyeing vat, optimum emotion, decision by circumstance orientation

Edition: Volume 9 Issue 1, January 2020

Pages: 905 - 914

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LUO Guicheng, "Mental Health, Dynamic Psychology and Personal Management", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 9 Issue 1, January 2020, 905 - 914

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Research Paper, Psychology Science, China, Volume 9 Issue 1, January 2020

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Mental Health, Dynamic Psychology and Personal Management

LUO Guicheng

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