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Spirituality and Happiness: ACorrelative Study

Tulna Awasthi

Abstract: Spirituality and Happiness are very important concepts of human life. Spirituality relates to higher self. Happiness is happy self, a satisfied self in harmony. The present study is aimed to find correlation between these two important concepts of human life, namely, spirituality and happiness. The SISRI (The Spiritual Intelligence Self Report Inventory 2008) questionnaire and Oxford Happiness questionnaire were used. Purposive sampling technique was used wherein a school was selected purposely because of the availability where in the whole group of teachers was taken cluster sample of 20 teachers (between age of 22 to 35years were selected from Gandhidham city.) Pearson Product Moment Correlation method was used to compute correlation coefficient between the scores of SISRI and Oxford Happiness. Results of study showed that there is a positive high correlation between spirituality and happiness.

Keywords: Spirituality, Happiness

Country: India, Subject Area: Education

Pages: 105 - 106

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 8, August 2019

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Tulna Awasthi, "Spirituality and Happiness: ACorrelative Study", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 8, August 2019, 105 - 106

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