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Contemporary African Concerto on Qualitative Research Culture in Humanities

Emmanuel Orihentare Eregare

Abstract: The seeming on-going rivalry in Nigeria on the use of quantitative for qualitative research method in the school of humanities especially in historical writings is overwhelmingly labelled waned and calls for a critical examination. Hence, this study surveyed the distinctive relationship between the qualitative and quantitative cultures to research methods in humanities, why the decline in the traditional use of the qualitative method of research, what evidences were the causative factors responsible for the debility and why must either of both be competitively employed in research? This study employed collect and analyse approach through descriptive methodology. Findings revealed that qualitative approach to research is inseparable from quantitative research methodology. This study concluded that qualitative approach is not mutually exclusive from quantitative research method. The researcher recommended, among others, that verification, dependability of data collection and representation of truth in any given research in humanities especially in Nigeria should be qualitative method.

Keywords: Contemporary, Qualitative, Concerto, Culture, Humanities, Africa

Country: Nigeria, Subject Area: History

Pages: 286 - 292

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 8, August 2019

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Emmanuel Orihentare Eregare, "Contemporary African Concerto on Qualitative Research Culture in Humanities", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 8, August 2019, 286 - 292

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