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The Impact of Ageism in the Workplace

Faran Yousefi

Abstract: To have a competitive edge in twenty first century, organizations are looking for agility, innovation, flexibility to change, and adoptability to new technologies in their workforce. Since these competencies are generally associated with younger adults, the value of knowledge and capability of an older workforce are often overlooked. This ignorance often leads to ageism in HR practices, adversely affecting organizations collective performance and bottom-line. Thus, HR professionals are expected to use their knowledge and power as an impetus to eliminate the prejudices harming individuals, organizations, and societies.

Keywords: Ageism, Human Resources, ROI, Age Discrimination, Management, performance management, organizational agility, HR

Country: United States of America, Subject Area: Management

Pages: 1688 - 1690

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 7, July 2019

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Faran Yousefi, "The Impact of Ageism in the Workplace", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 7, July 2019, 1688 - 1690

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