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Experimental Study on Load Carrying Capacity of RCC Beam by Using Pultruded Frp I- Section & C-Section

Shahaji Prakash Pawar

Abstract: The Steel widely used as reinforcement material in construction industry But, steel fails to perform structurally when it exposed to harsh environment such as bridges, chemical plants and other structures. This has been already tested on GFRP bars many techniques to prevent corrosion of steel reinforcement. When tor steel bars are replaced by GFRP bars to reinforce composite beams, brittle failure of GFRP bars caused due lack of ductility of beam members. Due to lack of ductility of conventional beam both stiffness and ultimate load were reduced significantly. Therefore, for overcoming these effects we introduced GFRP I-section beam and C-Channel section in conventional beam. Pultruded GFRP I-section beam and C-Channel section are usually made by pultrusion process. In pultrusion process, materials such as fiberglass & resin are pulling by extrusion process. In this experimental study on load carrying capacity, failure pattern and deflection of a composite beam, which is reinforced with longitudinal tensile steel bars as well as glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) pultruded I-section beam and C-Channel section encased in concrete. The beam specimens, including one Conventional reinforced concrete (RC) beam, GFRP I-beam in center and GFRP I-beam bottom, GFRP C-channel in center and GFRP C-channel bottom and GFRP I-beam is replaced by bottom steel bars, were cast and tested under two-point bending.The Result will use to analyze Load carrying capacity of beam. The present project work aims for studying suitability of GFRP as strengthened material for rolled RC beam. In this paper to study load carrying capacity of RC beam strengthened with glass fiber reinforced polymer I-section beam and C-channel section. Also, check suitable position and pattern of pultruded GFRP member.

Keywords: GFRP I-section Beam and C-section Chanel, RCC composite beams, Load carrying capacity, pultrusion process

Country: India, Subject Area: Civil Engineering

Pages: 1128 - 1133

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 7, July 2019

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Shahaji Prakash Pawar, "Experimental Study on Load Carrying Capacity of RCC Beam by Using Pultruded Frp I- Section & C-Section", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 7, July 2019, 1128 - 1133

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