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Management Behaviour

G. Rajesh

Abstract: Management Behaviour Prepared by :-Mr G.Rajesh About the article Management behaviour mainly observed in degree colleges in Bangalore city, India. This article contains bulleting points to know the summarised behaviour on management towards employees in small rated college in the area. Majority of the colleges suffering from the same problem to get productive result and fail to grow. Management Behaviour towards there employees model The below mention points is on very macro and micro level of observation in working environment. ? Management will only communicate to managers level. ? Managers will only coordinate to get things done from others. ? Manager qualification will not matter in to management this model. ? Management need a genuine person to make him manager from there inner sense. ? Manager will shift his work to his lower level employees. ? Management and managers will don't mind firing employee out in a professional way. ? Major part of recognition will be taken by managers level from the work done by employees because manager will have a direct communication to management. ? The lower employees will only think and compare will higher level so that always job satisfaction will not be there to employees from employer. ? The manager level thinks that they will not give a proper designation because of overtake fever. ? If they give also they will put lot of burden on them and make them self fire out. ? This model will make employee out without making stability in work process. ? Management will think that there are more people to work as per they requirement in INDIA. ? If any employee is working better than his higher level they will be no reward or recognition from the manager until a proper recognition has done by the genuine person. We see this behaviour more in private business concern Conclusion From the above Observation I come to the conclusion that there must me proper scale of work to a proper pay, The rewards and recognition must be properly evaluated by the manager that help in business to grow towards next level and employees satisfaction will be achieved.

Keywords: Management Behavior

Country: India, Subject Area: Business Management

Pages: 1111 - 1111

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 7, July 2019

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G. Rajesh, "Management Behaviour", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 7, July 2019, 1111 - 1111

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