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The Effect of Competence on Employee Performance in Harbormaster's Office and Port Authority (KSOP) of Bima

Anwar, Hermanto, Akhmad Saufi

Abstract: This study aims to understand and analyze the significance of competencies from competencies (technical competencies, managerial competencies and cultural social competencies) to employee performance in KSOP Bima. In its objective framework, the research respondents are not only KSOP internal employees, but also users in providing employee competency and performance. The total respondents were 44 KSOP Bima employees and 15 users. The validity test of the questionnaire was carried out on relatively similar organizations, namely KSOP Badas, consisting of 30 KSOP Badas employees and 5 users. The analysis tool uses multiple linear regression analysis. Obtained from technical, managerial and social competencies, as well as significant and simultaneous on the performance of KSOP Bima employees. Management of these permits together or in part can improve employee performance. Management focus can be made on managerial competencies, because it provides a dominant influence, amounting to 17.31%. The influence of the competencies of the three competencies is quite large (46.30%) on performance. KSOP Bima management needs to develop competencies throughout the year, both through formal and informal training by managing internal organizations. It can also be done by gap performance analysis with competencies, so as to improve competencies according to the needs of the organization and employees.

Keywords: competencies, technical, managerial, socio-cultural

Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Management

Pages: 380 - 386

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 7, July 2019

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Anwar, Hermanto, Akhmad Saufi, "The Effect of Competence on Employee Performance in Harbormaster's Office and Port Authority (KSOP) of Bima", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 7, July 2019, 380 - 386

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