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Hemoperitoneum: Conservative vs. Operative Approach

Dr. Foram Modh, Dr. Dinesh Prasad

Abstract: Background: Haemoperitoneum should be operated or not? - it is the dilemma that every surgeon come across whenever a case of hemoperitoneum arrives in emergency..!! Here we have tried to highlight the criteria which will be helpful in this regards. Aims & objective: This study was carried out to evaluate the results and to find out the criteria for decision-making for conservative or operative management in a case of hemoperitoneum. Methods:50 patients admitted during January 2017 TO January 2019 with hemoperitoneum were enrolled for the study and cases were evaluated for various variables like demographic data, injury classification, associated lesions, treatment, transfusions, morbidity and mortality, and hospital stay. Results: Out of total 50 patients, 20 patients (40%) was came in first 8 hours and operated .other 15 (30%) patients were operated with in 24 hours.surgeons had taken decisions conservative management for 15(30%) patients but 5 patients were deteriote and taken decision for operative management.Criteria which led to failure of conservative management and criteria which led to negative operative approach is discussed here. Conclusions: Conservative treatment is an adequate treatment in a great number of patients. Failure of conservative treatment did not show a higher incidence of complications or mortality but it should be performed in centers with experienced surgeons. Key Words: conservative approach, criterias for approach, hemoperitoneum, mortality, morbidity

Keywords: conservative approach, criteria's for approach, hemoperitoneum, mortality, morbidity

Country: India, Subject Area: Medical Surgical

Pages: 387 - 391

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 7, July 2019

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Dr. Foram Modh, Dr. Dinesh Prasad, "Hemoperitoneum: Conservative vs. Operative Approach", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 7, July 2019, 387 - 391

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