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Development of Serious Games to Remedy the Problem of Innumeracy among Elementary School Students

Radiation Biology
Authors: Sejal Malik

Smile Scheming - An Interdisciplinary Approach for Reawakening Aesthetics
Authors: Dr. Amit Bhardwaj, Dr. Tanu Joshi, Dr. Kratika Mishra, Dr. Vikas Sharma

A Brief Review on Raspberry Pi Based System for Monitoring Weather Parameter Using MQTT Protocol
Authors: Neha Saha, Ekata Patil

The First Chinese Pilgrim Monk Went to India and Comparison with the Travelling of Hsuan Tsang
Authors: Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung

A Study of Applications of BlockChain in Higher Education System - Smart Education System
Authors: Balaji .S

Precariousness in Morocco: A Brief State of the Place
Authors: Zouhair LAKHYAR, Ghizlane BAOUSSY

Effectiveness of Competency Based Training (CBT) in Building Performance Capacity of Newly Recruited Staff Nurses
Authors: Lovelesh Singh

Vacuum Extraction vs. Forceps Delivery: Comparison of Maternal and Fetal Effects
Authors: Dr. Vinita Sahay

Mechanical and Water Absorption Analysis of Polyester Hybrid Matrix Composite Reinforced with Clay and Carbon Black
Authors: B. Oji, O.I Oladele

Effects of Training Programs on Improving the Knowledge and Skills of the Nurses in Home Health Care in Riyadh Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2018
Authors: Dr. Ibrahim Kamil Ibrahim Luttfi, Prof. Salwa Elsanousi

A Framework of e-Kanban System for Indonesia Automotive Mixed-Model Production Line
Authors: Santo Wijaya, Fransisca Debora, Galih Supriadi, Insan Ramadhan

Design and Implementation of Active Power Control with Improved P&O Method for Wind PV-Battery Based Standalone Generation System
Authors: Suman Kumar Rajak, Ravi Kant Yadav

Design of Minor Canal from an Existing Parent Canal to Decrease Duty of Flow to Adjacent Areas
Authors: Anupama Singh

Conceptualization of Visitor's "Revisit Intention" in the Outdoor Recreation Field
Authors: A. M. S. J. P. Abeykoon

Immunomodulatory Activity of Gentiana Macrophylla Pall on C57bl/6 Mice
Authors: Yondonperenlei R, Sugarmaa B, Munkhtuya TS, Ambaga M

A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Post Natal Complications among the Nurses Working in Selected Primary Health Centres in Sangli District
Authors: Rashmi Vinod Kale, Vijaya Kumbhar

Management Practices of Family-Owned Enterprises
Authors: Jay Omotoy

Foreign Direct Investment in Morocco: "Attempt to Model its Behaviour through Different Economic Indicators"
Authors: Qamqam Meriam, El Haddad Mohamed Yassine

Role of Mifepristone and Misoprostol in Termination of Pregnancies up to 63 Days of Gestation
Authors: Dr. Vinita Sahay

Free Form Document Based Extraction Using ML
Authors: Mona Deshmukh, Shruti Maheshwari

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Sustainable Agricultural Development
Authors: Dr. Sube Singh

Psychological Hardiness of Tribal Students in Relation to their Gender and Socio-Economic Status
Authors: Dr. Vinita Kumari Sinha

Women Participation in Rail Transport in India: Relevance and Need in Present Scenario
Authors: Aarti Singh Parihar

Case Analysis of the Reform of the Bank of England after the Crisis and Its Reference to China's Financial Supervision
Authors: Dan Cheng

Evaluation of Lateritic Soil from Field Resistivity Data at Okada, South-South, Nigeria
Authors: Arekumo Thank God, Lawrence O. Oghale

Analysis of Single Server Finite Queue with Deterministic Service and Balking
Authors: Ankit Kaparwan, V. S. Singh, Jagdish C. Purohit

Optimization of Open Pit Mining under Surpac and Whittle - Application to the Ruashi II and III Deposits
Authors: Kalonji Mbolela A, Mbuya Mukombo Jr, Ngoy Kisumpa M., Mutund Kalej D.

Barangay Maglambing: An Extension Program of the College of Business and Management of SDSSU Tagbina Campus
Authors: Romel C. Nemino, Sulpicio D. Garces Jr.

A Detailed Study on Natural Products and Medicinal Plants in the Light of Secondary Metabolites
Authors: Dr. Vustelamuri Padmavathi

Determination of Depth to Magnetic Basement Using Spectral Analysis of Aeromagnetic Data over Biu Plateau Basalt and Yola Sub - basin, North East Nigeria
Authors: Bello Sani, Udensi EE, K. A. Salako, A. A. Adetona

Cultural Meaning of Childbearing among Women of a Rural Community in Nigeria
Authors: Ekpoanwan Esienumoh, Regina Ella, Margaret Mboho

Effect of an Educational Session on Antibiotic Prescription among Primary Healthcare Physicians: An Interventional Study
Authors: Manar AlShammari, Bayan AlAjaji, Muneera AlOtaibi

Extraction of Clay from Red Soil and Evaluation of Its UV Protection Properties
Authors: Diksha Ramtekkar, Dr. Nibha Bajpai

Study of Maternal and Fetal Outcome in Teenage Pregnancy
Authors: Dr. I. Indira, Dr. C. Anuradha

A Study of B2B Business Marketing Plan: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Crystal Mover
Authors: Zhang Minghao

Gradient Method to Construct 3D Digital Image of a 2D Digital Image
Authors: Kaushal Patel

Sky Kayakalpa Yoga and Simplified Physical Exercises for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Infertility - A Pilot Trial
Authors: S. Shanthi

A Study on Recruitment & Selection Practices in Certain Life Insurance Companies
Authors: Dr. Kumud, Dr. R. N. Jha

Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) Protocol in Case of Open Cholecystectomy: A Case Series
Authors: Dr Rohit, Dr Khushal

Abdominal Cocoon - Review of Literature
Authors: Dr Rohit, Dr Sanjeev

Traumatic Isolated Bladder Rupture: A Case Report
Authors: Dr Rohit Virmani, Dr Sanjeev Singla

Expression of E-Cadherin and ? -Catenin in Gastric Carcinoma and its Correlation with the Clinicopathological Features
Authors: Dr. Jai Kishan, Dr Mohmed Chand Moula

An Unusual Case of Cervical Leiomyosarcoma with Uterine Prolapse: A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Varsha Maran, Dr. Nandita Maitra, Dr. Purvi Patel, Dr. Tosha Sheth, Dr. Palak Vaishnav

Geocoding and its Effectiveness in India
Authors: Arjun Pokale

Legal Implications of Commercialization of Outer Space
Authors: Rubusha Gurung

A Review Paper on Electro Chemical Discharge Machining Technique
Authors: Rajeev Sharma

Practice of Early Initiation of Breastfeeding among Postnatal Mothers in Modern Government Maternity Hospital, Hyderabad
Authors: Dr. Anita Sethi, Dr. N. Manjuleswari

How to Formulate a Research Question?
Authors: Dr. Amol Velhal

Post-disaster activity of controlled blasting of a massive rock at Gagribal detached from the Takht-i-Sulaiman Hill, Srinagar
Authors: Mohsin Noor

The Role of Corporate Governance in Developing Countries: An Overview
Authors: Dr. Jogendra Kumar

Information Extraction as a Natural Language Processing Technique
Authors: Akinbode K. B., Oguns Y. J., Fadiora B. O., Olalekan S. D.

Effect of Various Phases of Menstrual Cycle on Simple Reaction Time
Authors: Manisha V. Kurwale, Namrata S. Loya

Dowry: The Dark Side of Weddings in Our Society
Authors: Molleti Mohanamba

A Basic Review on Identification, Isolation and Applications of Stem Cells
Authors: Singhal Arohi, Mhaske Shubhangi, Monal Yuwanati

Effect of Fly Ash and Brick Kiln Dust in Cement Concrete
Authors: Majid Bashir

Morphological Variations of Muscles of the Forearm - Gantzer Muscle
Authors: Dr. K. Tanuja Devi, Dr. K. Aparna Vedapriya

An Ultrasonographic Study on Correlation of Fetal Kidney Length with the Gestational Age in Third Trimester
Authors: Dr. Amera Afroz, Dr. Aparna Vedapriya

Developing a Measurement Tool to Investigate Students' Continuance Intention in Using Mobile Learning Application
Authors: Karina Rizka Aulianti, Indrawati

Observations on Severe Grades of Knee Osteoarthritis in Patients Residing in Hilly Areas Presenting to a Peripheral Hospital in North Kashmir
Authors: Shafeeq Ahmad Sofi

Incidence and Morphological Patterns of Anemia in Northern Province of Kashmir: A Study at Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Qazi Imtiaz Rasool, Hakim Vaqar, Abdul Aziz Parry

Authentic Materials Used by English Teachers at Grade 10TH of SMKN 4 Pariaman
Authors: Rahmat Hidayat, M. Zaim, Zul Amri

Analysis of Business Strategy in Furniture Company
Authors: Risris Rismayani, Intan Perdana Sari

Family Climate, Emotional Maturity and Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students
Authors: Dr. K. Govindarajan

Effectiveness of Planned Health Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Cervical Cancer among Adolescent Girls in M.V.P?s Arts, Commerce and Science College, Ozar
Authors: Rahul Pardeshi, Jacinth Dhaya

Frequency Application of Vermicast on the Horticultural Performances of Leaf Type Lettuce (Lactuca sativa Linn.) with 19-19-19+Microelements as Supplementation
Authors: Jesryl B. Paulite, Country: Philippines
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