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Prototype Development of Exercise Tool of Fencing Point Target Utilizing Microcontroller-Based
Authors: Novita Novita, Widyan Pratama, Zulaini Zulaini

Ocimum sanctum: Phytochemical Screening and its Activity as Biopesticide against Musca domestica
Authors: Surahmaida, Umarudin

Performance Study of LCC and LLC Resonant Converter for High Voltage Applications
Authors: Dr. Vanitha Mahadevan, Fatma Salim Al-Hattali, Jokha Marhoon Al-Salti

Current Trends & Challenges in Prosthetic Product Development: Literature Review
Authors: Stephen H. Rapp, Nishant Pathak, Aasish Yellapragada, Saurabh Gayakwad, Mudit Gupta, Kailash Musunuru

Autonomous Ship Maneuvering Control and Its Path Tracking Using Fuzzy Logic and Model Free Adaptive Control
Authors: Anil Kumar D, Divyashree .B .S, Dakshayani .M, Chaitra .C .G, Arpitha .A

Validation of the S-STEM Survey Questionnaire using Factor Analysis
Authors: Joy B. Araza

A Review Paper on Green Power Generation Using Renewable Energy Sources without Pollution
Authors: Nirma Kumari Sharma

Survey Report on Use of Smartphone among the College Students
Authors: Mahendra M. Alate, Dhirajkumar A. Mane, S. V. Kakade, Sagar .S Tawade

A Study of Scholastic Achievement of Senior Secondary School Students
Authors: Anshu Bala Singh

Commercialization of Science: A Current Threat to Autonomy of the Academic Institution and Individual Scientists
Authors: Namanji Stella, Ssekyewa Charles

Influence of Peer Pressure on Students' Drugs Abuse in Secondary Schools in Matungulu and Kangundo Sub-Counties
Authors: Michael Munyao Ivita, W. S. Wafula, C. Ssempala

Study of Maternal High Risk Factors in Vitamin B12 Deficient Pregnant Women in a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Ashita Punjabi, Indu Kaul, Bhagwan Singh Dangi

A Systems Approach to Recover Refuse Derived Fuels from Municipal Solid Waste - A Case Study
Authors: Ruchita .N, Srinivasa Reddy .N, Satyanarayana .S .V

SUNBIN: A Cleaner Technology for better Waste Management
Authors: Abhinav Chadha, Ronica Gupta, Pranav Kumar Rai, Shubham Abrol

Review of Studies on Measuring of Auditing Quality
Authors: Abdunaser Muftah Mohammed Omar, Dr. Abhishek Janvier Frederick

Effect of Prospect Factors on Real Estate Investment in Embu County, Kenya
Authors: Geoffrey Gikonyo Gitau, Dr. David Kiragu, Dr. Riro G. Kamau

Self Charging Electric Vehicle
Authors: Pranav Kumar Soni, Rasmi Rajan Samranthay

Evaluation of in vitro Anti-inflammatory Activity, Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Content of Methanol Extract of Leaves of Acmella paniculata
Authors: Ngurzampuii Sailo, Sharubam Victoria, Longjam Shantabi

The Morphometric Variations of External Ear between Asian and African Population
Authors: Lakshmi Sai Sneha Nedunuri, Dhwani Patel

Urbanization and Water Quality; The Effect of Bujumbura Municipal Effluents on the Western Shores of L. Tanganyika in Burundi
Authors: Eliane Duhawenimana, Assoc. Prof. Rene Manirakiza, Sr. Dr. Jane Yatuha

The Foreign Students' Intercultural Communicative Experiences
Authors: Janet A. Mananay Ed.D

The Effectiveness of Organizational Factor toward Safety Program Implementation after Mahakam Oil & Gas Field Transition in 2018
Authors: Muhammad Ginanjar Noor

Experimental Investigation on Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Authors: Akhilesh Chaudhary, Shiv Kumar Yadav

Enhancing Performance of Air Transport in Kenya through Implementation of Appropriate Monitoring and Evaluation Process
Authors: Nelson Kyalo Mwikya, Dr. Mulwa, Angeline Sabina, Dr. Mbugua, John Mwaura

Postoperative Outcome of Single Dose Vs Multiple Doses of Prophylactic Antibiotics in Major Elective Obstetric and Gynecological Surgeries: A Prospective Observational Study
Authors: Ranjana Sharma, Pragati Prakash, Raman Sardana

Comparative Analysis of the Development Strategy of Air Logistics in Chinese Private Express Delivery Enterprises
Authors: Yang Cheng, Wen Xiao Ni

Enhancing Maternal and Child Healthcare Programme through Medical Laboratory Analytical Quality Control Systems; A Case Study of Homa Bay County
Authors: Kenneth Ochieng' Otieno, Dr. Dorothy Ndunge Kyalo, Dr. Elisha Opiyo. Omulo, Dr. Angeline Sabina Mulwa

Hopf-Cole Transformation with Effect of the Dissipation Coefficient on Nonlinearity in the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony (BBM) Generalized Pseudo-Parabolic Equation
Authors: R. Gilles Bokolo

A Case Report of Small Round Cell Tumour in Paraspinal Region in HIV
Authors: Dr Manjunath M, Dr Gosavi Siddharth, Dr Patre Rachita Dutt

Role of Honey in the Wound Management
Authors: Dr Manoj Kumar, Dr Krishna Gopal, Dr Mukesh Kumar, Dr Chandra Jyoti

South China Sea Dispute: An Assessment of India's Response
Authors: Dr. Zafar Alam

Impact of Counseling and Nutritional Support to Reduce Anemia among Adult Female - An Interventional Study Conducted in Urban Slums of Mumbai
Authors: Dr. Ravikant Singh, Dr. Vaishali Venu, Sandeep Kumar, Dr. Jang Bahadur Prasad, Dr. Peehu Pardeshi, Dr. Kushal Kumar Sahu

Nehru in the Eyes of His Critics: An Appraisal
Authors: Dr. Zafar Alam

Utility of Platelet Indices to Differentiate Reactive vs Clonal Thrombocytosis
Authors: Rajeswari Golajapu, T. Roshni Paul, Megha S Uppin, Shantveer G Uppin, Amvr Narendra, Radhika S

A Morphological Study of Mental Foramen in Human Mandibles
Authors: Dr Aparna Veda Priya, Dr Kalpana Sogala, Dr S Bharati

Comparative Analysis of Compressive Strength of Concrete by Replacing of Cement by Fly Ash with Conventional Concrete
Authors: Swati Chandra, Ramendra Singh

Corrosion Inhibition of Carbon-Steel in (0.1M) HCl and NaCl using Sulfasalazine Drug
Authors: Adnan Sultan Abdul Nabi, Mouayed Yousif Kadhum, Alaa Ali Hussain

Evaluating Items' Fairness in a College Admission Test of a Philippine University
Authors: Jose Q. Pedrajita

Analysis on the Application of Employee Incentive Mechanism in Human Resource Management
Authors: Shenghao Li

Influence of Light Weight Coarse Aggregate on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete
Authors: Akhilesh Kumar Verma, Shiv Kumar Yadav

An Empirical Study of Performance Evaluation of Selected ELSS Mutual Funds
Authors: Ayub Ahamed K S, Mahajabeen

Impact of Word of Mouth (WOM) on Customers
Authors: Mridul Trikha

Achievement Motivation, Life Satisfaction and Self-Efficacy: A Comparative Study among Male and Female Government Employees and Entrepreneurs
Authors: Meghna Pothen, Dr. Milu Maria Anto

Phytodiversity and Natural Regeneration Potential of Sal Dominated Forests in Amarkantak Achanakmar Biosphere Reserve
Authors: Rupesh Kapale

On the Extended Generalized Leibnitz Rule for Differentiability of Distributions
Authors: Anslem Uche Amaonyeiro

Analysis of Anti-Mullerian Hormone along Different Clinical Parameters in Infertile Women Undergoing Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
Authors: Sarwah Razzaq Shareef, Chiman Khudur Mawlood

Business Skills of Hotel and Restaurants Managers / Owners in Northern Philippines
Authors: Edlyn Narag, Lourdes Judy Luyun, Mark Anthony Soriano

Cost Effectiveness Analysis of H2 Receptor Blockers in Surgical Patients Available in Different Brands in Indian Pharmaceutical Market
Authors: Manoj Kumar, Chandra Jyoti, Krishna Gopal

Study of Pressure Losses in Piping System
Authors: Seroor Atalah Khaleefa Ali, Dr, Huda T. Hamad

The Day of March 8, An Advancement or A Difference for the Congolese Woman? Parity Dream, Slogan or Reality for the Congolese Woman?
Authors: WATUNIA MAMPASI Olga-Marguerite

Human Resource Information Management System
Authors: Emmanuel Carlos Navarro

The Relationship between the Fear of Failure and Academic Procrastination for the University Student in Arranging Scientific Paper Case Study of University Student of Medicine Faculty of Sultan Agung Islamic University
Authors: Siti Umairah S.Psi, Susan Liana S.Psi, Khoirini Adzawiyah S.Psi

Stabilization of Dredged Material Obtained from Floodspill Channel [Srinagar], for its Potential Use as Subgrade Material for Design of Flexible Pavements
Authors: Showket Ahmad Sheikh, Gul Afrooza Jan

A Morphometric Study of Bilateral Symmetry of the Human Talus
Authors: K. Aparna Vedapriya, Saka Bharathi, Sogala Kalpana

P Shot for Penile Enhancement and Sexual Rejuvenation for Men
Authors: Ashraf Zidan, Mohamed Y. Elamir

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Psychological Problems and Coping Strategies among Old Age People Residing at Old Age Home, NCR
Authors: Swati, Rajwant Kaur, Surendra Sharma

Vanishing Twin Syndrome
Authors: Beulah Jasmine Rao

Prediction of Residual Stresses, Distortions and Microstructure in Effect of Various Welding Processes: A Review
Authors: A Pradeep Samuel, Nandu Mohan

The Effectiveness of Faloak Extract on Superoxide Anion Radical (O2-) Activity in Kidney Organ of Tilapia Exposed to Mercury
Authors: Jannes Bastian Selly, Andreas Umbu Roga, Jacob M. Ratu

A Study on Design and Execution of White Topping Road
Authors: Samiullah, Rohit Singh

The Portrait of Aboriginal Women in Sally Morgan?s My Place
Authors: Herawaty Abbas, Burhanuddin Arafah, Simon Sitoto, Fransisca Kapoyos

Contact Action of Spinosad on Callosobruchus chinensis (L.) in Three Successive Generations
Authors: Tahera Tanjin Naher, W Islam

Morbidity among the Referral Babies to Higher Centre from SNCU of Government Tertiary Care Maternity Hospital
Authors: Dr. N. Manjuleswari, Dr. Anita Sethi

Soil Water Characteristics Curve of Lime Stabilized Soil
Authors: Amir Asad Nasrizar, M. Muttharam

Formulation and Evaluation of Floating Matrix Tablet of Riboflavin
Authors: Chandresh Raghuwanshi, Dr. Shikha Agarwal

Spatial Variance in Soil Parameters and their Evaluation using Multivariate Analysis Technique
Authors: Ayantika Das, Jigna Desai

Morphology, Age and Growth of Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) in Tudakul Reservoir of Uzbekistan
Authors: Jobbir Sobirov, Turgangul Kanatbaeva, Bakhtiyar Kamilov

Analysis of Outcomes of Proton Pump Inhibitors and H2 Receptors Antagonist
Authors: Manoj Kumar, Chandra Jyoti, Krishna Gopal

A Comparative Study between Angular Material and PrimeNG, for Angular 7
Authors: Dr. Shivkumar Goel, Gauri Surve

LGBT Community - An Over View
Authors: Tejaswi Avhad

Realising the Right to Quality Education in South Africa; An African Human Right Appraisal
Authors: Isaiah Mmatipe Sefoka

Road to developing an ERP system for MSME?s using Laravel MVC Framework
Authors: Dr. Shiv Kumar Goel, Pradyumna Kale, Rohin Rangnekar

Factors Influencing Tax Compliance among Small and Medium Enterprises in Sri Lanka
Authors: K.G Asela Gamini Bandara

A Comparative Study between the Histochemical Characteristics of Mucosubstances in Normal and Adenocarcinoma of Endocervical Glands
Authors: Dr. Ajay J. Shedge, Dr. Shedge Swapna A

Optimization of a Special Moment Resisting Frame (SMRF) Under the Consideration of Earthquake Loading
Authors: Mohd Talha Usmani

Augmented Reality-Based Learning Medium for Autistic Children
Authors: Putu Yoka Angga Prawira, Linawati N.M.A.E.D. Wirastuti

Water for Life: Issues and Challenges
Authors: B. Suresh Lal

Development of Community Participation in Irrigation Networks East LUWU District
Authors: Muharif, Abdul Hakim, Aminuddin Affandi, Andi Tamsil

Influence of Teacher Professional Qualifications on Acquisition of Learner Competencies in Early Childhood Development and Education in Public Primary Schools in Embu County, Kenya
Authors: Kamwitha Anastasia Muthanje, Ibrahim Khatete, Andrew Riechi, Country: Kenya

A Case of Psammomatous Histological Subtype of Who Grade I Meningioma Located in the Olfactory Groove
Authors: Dr Rashida Nalwala

Cloud Computing Security
Authors: Arun Srinivas .R, Udhaya Kumar .V

The Effect of Social Support Sources and Coping Strategies with the Quality of Life Cancer Caregiver
Authors: Siti Annisa Ulfara, Nining Hardiyana Garnasih, Nurul Layali Indrania Sahara

The Effect of Blended Learning Models and Creative Thinking Ability on Learning Design Results
Authors: R. Mursid, Abdul Hasan Saragih, Naeklan Simbolon

Risk Factors Associated with Syphilis Infection among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Nairobi City County, Kenya
Authors: Mwangi Hellen Nyambura, Margaret Keraka, Rekha Sharma, George Owino

De novo Genome Assembly of Yersinia pestis Strain12
Authors: Mandeep Kaur

Effect of Aggregate Percentage on the Fracture Parameters of Steel Fibre Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Authors: Frajitha Franklin, Jayaprakash Jain K. G.

Performance Evaluation of IC Engine Using Biodiesel from Jatropha as a Raw Material along with Waste Cooking Oil and its Blends
Authors: S. T. Satpute, R. U. Sawant

Fibroadenoma and Intraductal Carcinoma of Breast - A Mucin Histochemical Study
Authors: Dr. Ajay J. Shedge, Dr. Shedge Swapna A

Seismic Forces and Stability Analysis of Gravity Dam
Authors: Venkata Raju Badanapuri

On the (IM) Possibility of a Private Culture
Authors: Felipe V. Nantes Jr.

Structural Health Monitoring and Data Processing of Bracing of Foundation Pit
Authors: Josette Gila Aba-Bikoumossali-Mbesso

Nutritional Intake of Post Bariatric Surgery Patients in an Urban Population
Authors: Rohini Bhadra

An Optimal Cropping Pattern in Karanja Command Area of Bidar District, Karnataka
Authors: Dileep Kumar Kanna, Dr. M. N. Dandigi

Study on the Effect of Chebulic Myrobalan Solution on CBR Strength of Sandy Soil
Authors: Showket Ahmad Sheikh, Basharat Aziz

Seedling Anatomy in Helianthus Annuus, Tagetus Erecta and Zinnia Elegans of Asteraceae
Authors: Neetu Rawat, Manju Sharma, K.C. Sharma

A Study on Consumer Behaviour Related to Samsung Mobile Usage with Special Reference to Namakkal Dist.
Authors: Dr. Priya .K, S. Suganya

Pattern, Severity and Outcome of Poisoning in Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Satish Kumar B.P, Ancily Jacob, Feba Peter, Ashily Raju

Design & Optimization of Roll Cage
Authors: Mohana Chouhan, Kamlesh Gangrade, Suman Sharma

Medicity: An Outcome of Growing Medical Tourism Industry in India
Authors: Shashi Singh, Ar. Satendra Kumar
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