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Head teachers' Resource Mobilization and Public Primary School Goals Attainment in Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria
Authors: Ekere, Scholastica Cyril, Oduntan, Adewale Babatope

Nickel Mining Policy Model Post Reform in Indonesia
Authors: Jamal Bake, Nurwati, Abdul Kadir, La Ode Mustafa Rufini

Study of GCRBS Score: A New Scoring System for Predicting Outcome in Severe Falciparum Malaria at Tertiary Care Centre M.B.G.H. Udaipur
Authors: Satish Kumar, Neera Samar, R. L. Meena, Gautam Bunkar

Determination of Calibre of Fired Bullets from its Distorted Base
Authors: Kulbhooshan Gupta, Jagdish Naik, N. P. Waghmare

Traumatic Cataract and Cataract Surgery and Vision
Authors: Dr. Kunapareddy Siva Subbarao, Dr. Lakshmoji Naidu

Professional Ethics for Technical Teachers
Authors: M. Senthil Kumar

The Impact of Tax Reforms on Economic Growth of Afghanistan
Authors: Abdul Ahad Qayomi

Use of Crumb Rubber in Flexible Pavement
Authors: Akash Bhardwaj, Manish Singh Kushwaha

Impact of Fuelwood Consumption by Three Tea Factories on Environment and on-Farm Tree Production in Kangema Sub-County, Murang'a County, Kenya
Authors: Kahare S. Githinji, Mang'uriu G. Daniel

Research on Innovation of Small and Micro Enterprise Financing Model under the Background of Internet Finance
Authors: Wei Xiao, Wang Tao

DBore Ring Opening
Authors: Dronadula Borraiah

Lithological and Structural Characterization of the Gold Mineralization of the Bagoe Basin (Syama-Boundiali) in Northern Ivory Coast: Involvement in Mining Research
Authors: Gbele Ouattara, Gnammytchet Barthelemy Koffi, Yacouba Diarra

Assessment of Nutritional Status of Adolescents (13-14 Years of Age) in Rural Areas of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh
Authors: Mogul Sana Tabassum, Varsha Peram

The Orthoptera Insects of Desert Zones in Uzbekistan
Authors: Kholmatov B.R., Begjanov ?.Q., Sabirov S. K., Medetov ?.J.

Security Solutions Paradigm in Cloud Computing
Authors: Subhash Chandra Pandey, Abhishek Bhatt

Use of Ultrafine Materials for Cellular Concrete Blocks
Authors: Monica S. More, Yadnesh D. Patil

Priming of the Restructuring Agenda in the Media: An Analytical Study of Select Nigerian Newspapers
Authors: Barr. Agudosy, Fabian I, Ikegbunam, Peter .C

The Influence of IndonesiaNEXT Program?s Corporate Social Responsibility to Telkomsel?s Corporate Image
Authors: Jimmy Hendrik Ginting, Maya Ariyanti

An Evaluation of Special Education Program in the Public Elementary Schools in the Division of Zambales
Authors: Ma. Christiane Marty Proyalde

Effect of Rice Flakes and Jaggery Mixture Consumption on Hemoglobin Level among Adolescent Girls
Authors: Limna M

Enhancing Creative and Critical Thinking Skills of Secondary Students
Authors: Roldan D. Atienza MA

Assessment of Pulmonary Functions during Various Phases of Menstrual Cycle in Healthy Young Girls
Authors: Swapnil Bhirange, Mahesh Jajulwar

Study of Correlation of Life Style Patterns on Non Communicable Diseases in Urban Adolescents Area of Maharashtra (India)
Authors: Dr. M. Arjun Kumar, Dr. Shailaja V Mane

A Critical Appraisal on New Public Administration
Authors: Umakanta Hazarika

Conceptual Analysis to Prove Kinetic Energy in Wind is Generated
Authors: Birudev Hajare, Sandip Bhokse, Mahesh Borkar, Laxman Bagal, Arvind Maske

Profile of Coronary Artery Disease in Patients of Hypothyroidism in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Central India: An Observational Study
Authors: Dr Pradeep Deshmukh, Dr Atul Singh Rajput

A Study to Assess the Online Food Ordering Practices of Nutrition Students
Authors: Neha Fatima, Dr. Avanti Rao

Analysis of Effect of Financial Reporting Aggressiveness Tax
Authors: Ayu Desita Sari, Dr. Alwan Sri K, Dr. Yosefa Sayekti

Effect of Fixed Furrow Irrigation on Water Productivity of Cotton Irrigated with Saline Water
Authors: Maha A. Aly, Meleha A. M. I

A Critical Review of Empirical Studies in Intellectual Capital and Firm Performance
Authors: Ashraf Ali Abdul Rahim, Abdulrahman Ali Alhazemi, Hassan Kasady AlMahdi

To Assess the Knowledge of Needle Stick Injuries among Staff Nurses in Selected Hospital
Authors: Dorwin Das

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge regarding Tobacco Chewing Hazards and its Prevention among Adolescents in Selected Rural Areas at Hassan
Authors: Komala .H .K

The Effect of Service Quality on Perceived Value on Customer Loyalty through Satisfaction
Authors: Sujatmiko, H Muh Asdar, Mahlia Muis, Muhammad Ismail

Comparison of Some Methods for the Solution of Linear Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind
Authors: Zahid Rahman Zahid, Mohammad Farooq Hakimi

Ujamaa as a Development Philosophy in Tanzania: Lessons for Rural Development in Nigeria
Authors: Korom Terna, Iyortyer C.T.

Effects of Gully Erosion on Infrastructure in Katsina-Ala Town, Benue State
Authors: Iyortyer Clara Torkwase, Hundu Williams Terseer

Determinants of Land Values during Compulsory Land Acquisition in Dar es Salaam: The Case of Kinyerezi and Kipawa Wards of Ilala Municipality
Authors: Mwakapalila Furaha, Henerico Evodius

Climate Change and National Security of Small States of South - Asia: A Case Study of Bhutan and Maldives: A Research Article
Authors: Jatin Mech

Dress Syndrome - A Rare Presentation of Phenytoin Hypersensitivity
Authors: Dr. Sanket Panchasara, Dr. J D Lakhani, Dr. Hemant Joshi

Land Value: Result of Legislations and Market Forces
Authors: Abhay Jaipurkar, J. C. Gogte, K. G. Talnikar

A Quasi Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Information Booklet on Knowledge Regarding Extrapyramidal Syndrome among Caregivers at Selected Hospitals
Authors: Nafees Khan Yunus Khan

Effect of Addition of Fly Ash on Workability of Concrete
Authors: Anuj Kumar, Dr. R. K. Tewatia

"Aquaponics" - Self Sustainable Ecosystem'
Authors: Dr Vaishali Mishra

Periodic Variations of Lablab purpureus Productivity Harvested at Different Growth Stages: A Case Study in Mid Northern Uganda
Authors: Nviiri Geofrey, Okello Horace, Turyagyenda Laban, Kigozi Abasi, Mugerwa Swidiq

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome among Family Members of Alcoholic Clients at Selected Hospital in Jalgaon
Authors: Kondal Naik

Effectiveness of Self Instructional Module (SIM) on Knowledge Regarding Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) among Late Adolescent Girls (17 to 19 years) in Selected Colleges at Gurugram, Haryana
Authors: Lovely Thapar, Naveena J H

Preparation, Characterisation and In-Vitro Evaluation of Mercapto Analogue of Dihydropyrimidone Derivatives for their Antimicrobial, Anti-Arthitic and Thrombolytic Activity
Authors: S. R. Jagtap, R. D. Gaikwad, B. B. Bahule, R. P. Yadav

Theoretical Analysis to Prove the Contradiction Between the concepts of Binding Energy and The Strong Nuclear Force
Authors: Birudev Hajare, Sandip Bhokse, Mahesh Borkar, Laxman Bagal, Arvind Maske, Tushar Mergu

Participation of Teenage Mothers' in Primary Education in Chepyuk Location in Mount Elgon Subcounty in Bungoma County in Kenya
Authors: Yvonne Nanyama Chenane

Factors Leading to Teenage Pregnancy in Chepyuk Primary Schools in Mount Elgon Subcounty in Bungoma County in Kenya
Authors: Yvonne Nanyama Chenane

Experiences of Teenage Mothers in Chepyuk Primary Schools in Mount Elgon Subcounty in Bungoma County in Kenya
Authors: Yvonne Nanyama Chenane

Cloud Computing in Libraries: Prospects and Challenges from Kenyan Perspective
Authors: Omondi Aguok Yudah, Maweu Geoffrey

IoT based Load Shedding
Authors: Praveen Raj R.S, Aditya Narayan, Akhil Joshy, Nandu Krishnan RB, Rahul S

The Role of Phosphate Binders in the Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease
Authors: Meenakshy Anil, Ranjith Narayanan, Vimal Mathew, Swetha S Nair

Use of Electronic Information Resources by Distance Learners: A Case Study of IGNOU
Authors: Basanta Kumar Das, Rabindra Kumar Mahapatra

Crystalline Arthropathy - A Case Report
Authors: Jeevaraj Giridharan, V. Sarada

Understanding the Porous Pavement Properties Examining the Viability of Pervious Pavement
Authors: Ajay Kumar

HLA B27 Positive Seronegative Knee Arthritis: A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr. Juhi Shahab, Dr. A. K. Yadav, Dr. Rashmi Arora

ZigBee Technology
Authors: Ebtisam Elgdiri, Umit Tokeser

Examining the Socio-Economic Contribution of Cut-flower to the Local Economy in Naivasha Flower Basin, Naivasha Sub-County
Authors: Kipkosgei Lagat Meshack

Adenomatous Goiter with Hyperthyroidism in 12 Years Old Female
Authors: Wega Upendra Sindhughosa, I Made Arimbawa

Job Related Factors and Work Life Balance of Female Employees in Kerala - A Study of IT Sector
Authors: Shaniba. M. H

Prevalence, Clinical Patterns and Epidemiology of Male Factors in Infertility among Patients Coming to a Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Radhika Gupta, B. R. Bhagat, Simrat Kaur, Shashi Gupta

Prevalence of Stillbirth and its Associated Antepartum Risk Factors
Authors: Simrat Kaur, B. R. Bhagat, Radhika Gupta, Shashi Gupta

FEA Analysis of Tyre Tread Under Loading and Unloading Condition
Authors: Mayank Kumar Sahu, Vishal Achwal, Suman Sharma

Content and Format Validity of a Developed Basic Drawing Workbook
Authors: Antonieto L. Adora

Status of the IGPs of SUCs in Region VIII: Basis for Proposed IGP Manual Operation
Authors: Nelia M. Adora

Structural, Antimicrobial and Pharmacological Studies of Fe (II)-5-Fluorouracil Complex
Authors: Shuchita Agrawal

Formulation Development and In-Vitro Evaluation of Microsponges Gel Loaded with Anti Fungal Drug
Authors: Kandula Swarna, Thummala Uday Kumar

Content-Based Instruction
Authors: Saifurahman, Abdul Latif Zahid

The Concept Application of Lydia Eloise Hall's Nursing Model (Hall Theory) Focusing on Care Aspect in Patient Nursing Process at Kelimutu Ward of Prof. Dr. W. Z . Johannes Public Hospital Kupang
Authors: Emanuel Petrus P. Botoor, Pius Weraman, Ina D. Ratuludji

Bilateral Chronic Dacrocystitis - A Study
Authors: Dr. K. Siva Subbarao

Efficiency of Office Blood Pressure Measurement in Comparison with 24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in the Diagnosis of Hypertension
Authors: Sudhakar P, Vadivel S

Effectiveness of Application of Neem Paste on Face Acne among Teenagers in Selected Area of Sangli, Miraj and Kupwad Corporation
Authors: Silpa Satralkar, Tukaram B. Zagade

Revisiting Nehru in the Era of Conflicts: Models and Impacts
Authors: Dr. Zafar Alam

Experimental Investigation on the Pulse Behavior of Polymeric Matrix Composites Used in Vehicles
Authors: Huseyin Bayrakceken, Ercan Simsir, M. Serhat Baspinar, I. Sinan Atli

A Study on Assessment of the Quality of Life and Associated Factors among Patients with Gynecological Cancers Undergoing Gyneco-Oncological Therapy in a Selected Tertiary Care Hospital in Kolkata
Authors: Saminder Malik, Nisa Gopidas

Study of Clinical Profile of Acute Myocardial Infarction in Elderly Male Patients (A Study of 60 Cases)
Authors: Dr. Shivang Sharma, Dr. Manish Mehta

ELT and Digital Technology
Authors: Dr. R. Geetha

Tourism in Conflict-Affected Communities of Basilan Province: Prospects, Challenges and Policy Options
Authors: Abegail C. Indama

Interpreting the Basic Outputs (SPSS) of Multiple Linear Regression
Authors: Chuda Prasad Dhakal

Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of "Test Drug" in Liver Disorder Subjects with Abnormal Liver Function Test (LFT) - An Open Labeled, Multicenter, Non-Comparative, Interventional, Prospective Clinical Study
Authors: Vinod Kuber, Gayatri Ganu, Gunvant Yeola, Narendra Mundhe

Study of Inter Molecular Interactions in Binary Liquid Mixtures of N, N - Dimethylacetamide with Chloroform using Scaled Particle Theory (SPT)
Authors: Tarun Pant Hema, Dr. Tara Bhatt, Dr. Charu Chandra Dhondiyal

Push Over Analysis of High Rise L-Shaped RC Building in the Seisic Zones of II and IV
Authors: M Sivani, Y Anjaiah

Study on Mechanical and Durability Properties of Ternary Blended Hybrid Fibre Polymer Concrete with M30 Grade
Authors: SK. Shahina, M. Srinivasarao

The Diagnostic Accuracy of Virtual Colonoscopy
Authors: Altin Jusufati, Krenar Preza

Thermal Analysis of Cobalt Chloride using DSC
Authors: Karan Parwani

Environmental Disclosure Practices and Share Price Volatility in the Nigerian Stock Market
Authors: Owolabi S. A., Enyi P. E., Akintoye I. R., Obida S. S.

Commutation Properties of Dilation
Authors: Md. Ilyas, lshteyaque Ahmad

Comparative Pushover Analysis of G+10 RC Frame in Seismic Zones of India
Authors: G. Swapna, K. Pratyusha

Mining Weakly Labeled Web Facial Images for Search-Based Face Annotation
Authors: Dipak D. Tayade, Nilesh Y Chaudhari

Analysis of G+5 RC Building for Blast Forces
Authors: A. Lalitha, V. Lakshmi

Comparative Response Spectrum and Time History Analysis of G+17 RC Frame on Zone III in India
Authors: N. Roja, K. V. Pratap

A Study to Determine the Level of Satisfaction towards Postoperative Nursing Care among Patients undergone Abdominal Surgery in Krishna Hospital, Karad
Authors: Joseline Sara Kurian, Tukaram B. Zagade

Therapeutic Potential of Ushir [Vetiveria zizaniodes (Linn.)Nash]: Review Study
Authors: Awanish Pandey, Hari Shanker Mishra

Container First Approach for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises - An Overview
Authors: Nishi Tiku, Sharan Iyengar, Kapil Kumar Trivedi

Trend of "Paid News in Media": A Danger to Healthy Democracy
Authors: Dr. Bharat Kumar

A Study on Oral Hygiene among School Children in a Rural Area of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh
Authors: Sheuli Sen

In vivo Evaluation of the Antimalarial Activity of the Aqueous Ethanol Extract of Monodora myristica Seed in Albino Mice
Authors: Onyegbule F.A., Okoli O.G., Bruce S.O.

Effect of Two Stay Two Stray Learning Model and Learning Style against Learning Outcomes
Authors: Wachid Yuli Irfanto, Mustaji, Muhammad Jacky
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