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Irreducible Femoral Hernia in a Male - A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr. Hemamalini Rajamanikkam

Offence of Rape in India: An Analytical Study
Authors: Atul Pandey

The Effect of Quality of Work Life on Employee Work Motivation in the Office of the Financial Management Agency and Regional Assets of Palopo City
Authors: Bakhtiar, Rizaldi Al Ayubi

Burden and its Associated Factors among the Caregivers of the Older Adults
Authors: Bharathy .R, Dr. Shirley David, Meenakshi Sekar, Sophia Vijayananthan

Effects of Electronic Sourcing Adoption on Supply Chain Efficiency in Telecommunication Industry: A Case Study of MTN Rwanda
Authors: Tuyisabe Clement Prince, Dr. Mulyungi Patrick

The Effect of a Vitamin D3 Supplement (Supracal HD Tablet) in the Acceleration of Orthodontic Tooth Movement - A Clinical Comparative and Observational Study
Authors: Jawale Bhushan, Rodrigues Lishoy, Dr. Jitendra Nehete, Potnis Sheetal, Pharande Shilpa

Benefits and Bottlenecks of Information Communication Technologies in Enhancing Quality Education in Institutions of Higher Education in Kenya
Authors: Berita Singoro

Effectiveness of Distraction with Blowing Soap Bubbles on Post-Operative Pain among Children
Authors: Kaur Navneet, Sharma Mukeshchandra

Effect of Project Formulation Process on Sustainability of Projects in Rwanda: A Case Study of Project for Rural Income through Exports
Authors: Alfred Twahirwa, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

Effects of Credit Cycle Management on Financial Performance of Financial Institutions in Rwanda: A Case Study of Guaranty Trust Bank Rwanda PLC
Authors: David Wambua Mulyungi, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

Physicochemical and Rheological Properties of Acid-Induced Milk Proteins Gel
Authors: Cyrille G. Zady, Attien Yao Paul, Kouassi Kouassi Clement

Applications of ERP and Timely Data Management in Selected Public Universities in Kenya
Authors: Berita Singoro

Syntheses, Characterization and Biological Activity of Nickel Chalcone Complexes
Authors: Vikas V. Borge, R. M. Patil

Carbon Fiber: The Future of Building Materials
Authors: Shubham S Narwade, Shantanu M Kanadi, Prof. Piyush P Kadam

A Review on Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water using Hydroponics Technique
Authors: R. V. Dhivya Shree, J.Brema

Project Implementation Practices in Provision of Services in Public Institutions in Rwanda: A Case of the Ministry of Public Service and Labour
Authors: Uwizeyimana Emmanuel, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

Intrusion of Abiotic Domain and Atrophy of Aquatic Biodiversity in Chilika Lake
Authors: Aditi Mahajan, Ketan S Kimmatkar

Comparative Energy Analysis of Vegetative Flat Roof, Cool Flat Roof and Standard Flat Roof in a Office building at Nagpur, India
Authors: Aditi Mahajan, Ajay Thomare

The Sustainable Development of Cultural-Based Agrotourism in Toraja
Authors: Muhammad Hasyim

A Study to Assess the Relationship of Menstrual Irregularities with Nutritional Status among Adolescent Girls in Selected Urban Schools
Authors: Pompa Mukherjee, Sigymol K K

The Phytochemistry Profile of Raru (Vatica pauciflora and Cotylelobium melanoxylon) and Its Potential as Diabetes Mellitus Drug
Authors: Marina Silalahi

Relationship between Self-Concept and Aggressive Behavior among Deaf Students
Authors: Maaly Ibrahim Elmalky, Rasha Kamal Sweelam, Lobna Elsayed Sallam

Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder Associated Rare Case of Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis
Authors: Dr. Kinjal Patel, Dr. Kaushik Rana, Dr. Jay Patel

An Artificial System for Prognosis Cancer Cells through Blood Cells Images Using Image Processing
Authors: Sonia Wadhwa, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Meesala

Experimentation in Physics on Virtual Labs Using Smart Phones in Schools
Authors: Upadhyaya Medha, Upadhyaya K S

Humanitarian Crises Management and Farmers-Herdsmen Conflict in Nasarawa State: An Assessment of the Management of Internally Displaced Persons
Authors: A. G. Umar Kari, Ogbu Collins

Haemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis: A Review Article
Authors: Dr. Sreekantham Vinay Kumar, Dr. Arti Muley

Rotor Dynamic Analysis Applicable to Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Authors: M S Patil, Tofiq I G

On Various Properties of δ- Convergence of Nets
Authors: Dr. Sandhya Gupta

"Twinblock Therapy Combined with Incorporated Prosthesis" - A Novel Approach for Simultaneous Treatment of Class II Skeletal Discrepancy and Rehabilitation of Missing Central Incisors
Authors: Rodrigues Lishoy, Jamenis Shilpa, Jawale Bhushan, Kadam Aljeeta, Karnik Sharvari, Raisoni Prasanna

Automatic Waste Segregation and Monitoring System by Using Arduino UNO, GSM and Bluetooth Module
Authors: Meghraj Aher, Baneshwar Bhagat, Pravin Nalawade, Sunil Mandhare

A Review of Water Quality Models
Authors: Nibedita Pattnayak

Historical Process of Education and Pedagogue Work in a Non-Formal Space
Authors: Poliana Silva Costa, Benedita das Gracas Sardinha da Silva, Paloma Suellen Silva Costa, Sebastiao Gomes Silva, Jose Francisco da Silva Costa

Medical Imaging through Machine Learning Technique
Authors: Sumit Nirankari, Shalini Vashisth

Finding the Correlation of Thyroid Disorders and Menopausal Relationship with Benign Breast Diseases
Authors: Harinandini Appam, Ushasree Adepu, Brahmani Bachu, Avinassh Tippani

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Family Planning Methods among Postnatal Mothers
Authors: R. Mohana, Dr. T. Komalavalli

Pharmacognostical, Pharmaceutical Studies and HPTLC Fingerprint of Terminalia chebula Retz. Fruits
Authors: Pawan Ahirwar

An Assessment of Records Management Systems of Administrators in Senior High Schools in the Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana
Authors: Augustine Owusu-Addo

Clavicle Fractures: Epidemiology, Classification and Treatment of 1024 Fractures: An Observational Study
Authors: Dr Amar Saharan, Dr Rakesh Sharma

Assessing Housing Inequalities on the Existing and Ongoing Construction of Houses in Lenana and Majengo Area of Narok Town
Authors: Mary Mwangi

Determination of Production Parameters of Pan Nanofibers Produced by Electro-Spinning Method
Authors: Ziya Yigitol, Yusuf Yilmaz

Palmer's Point - A Boon Way to Enter Fully Occupied Abdomen - A Case Report
Authors: Hemamalini Rajamanikkam

Evaluation of the Relationship between the Quality Parameters of Stocked Maize Grains (Zea mays L.) in Polypropylene Bags Containing Leaves of Lippia multiflora (Verbanaceae) and Hyptis suaveolens (Lamiaceae)
Authors: Pierre Ezoua, Godi Henri Marius BIEGO, Adama Coulibaly, Yves Nyamien, Ysidor N'guessan Konan, Daouda Sidibe

The Prevalence of Depression among Diabetic Patients on Follow-Up at a National Referral Hospital in Western Kenya
Authors: Zablon Nyaberi

Seasonal Variation in the Physico - Chemical Parameters of Vattakkayal Lake, Corporation of Kollam, South India
Authors: Sherly Williams E, Vineetha S

Effect of Project Employee Competencies on the Implementation of Agriculture Projects in Rwanda: A Case of Project for Rural Income through Exports (Price)
Authors: Tindifa Rubagumya Gerard, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

Monitoring of Step-Down Power Transformer in 33/11kv Distribution Substation Using XBEE with API Mode
Authors: Nagham Safaa, Dr. Saad Abdalratha Makki

Blights of Coco-yam (Colocasia esculentus) and Potato (Solanum tuberosum) on the Jos Plateau: A Threat to Food Security
Authors: Chuwang P. Z., Nyapson C.G.

Variation in Blood Circulation of Brain-Circle of Willis
Authors: Dr. Shobha S. Rawlani, Dr. Geetanjali U. Yadgire, Dr. Deepali Gudadhe, Dr. Monika Khubchandani

Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Flow in an Open Channel with an Elliptic Cross-Section
Authors: Mose Isaac, Johana Kibet Sigey, Jeconia Abonyo Okelo, Emmah Marigi

Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Holopteliya Integrifolia
Authors: Chaitanya U Langade, Snehal A Mali

Use of Co-Operative Round Robin Technique on Standard Seven Learners' Achievement in English Composition Writing in Public Primary Schools in Kisumu County, Kenya
Authors: Kamau Hellen W, Odundo Paul, Inyega Hellen

Effect of Diabetes on the Onset of Various Complications in Adult Type 2 Diabetic Population
Authors: Bibi Fatima Hasan, Avanti Rao

The Principles and Application of Gene Editing as a Tool in Research, Industry and Health Biotechnology
Authors: Israel Ahmadu Kiledu

Comparative Energy Analysis of Luminous Ambience in a Conventional and Energy-Efficient I.T. Company at Nagpur, India
Authors: Aditi Mahajan, Harshal Ganorkar

Adsorption of Eriochrome Black T (EBT) Onto Activated Carbons Obtained from Cola Anomala Nut Shells by Chemical Activation with Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4)
Authors: Jacques Bomiko MBOUOMBOUO, Caroline Lincold Nintedem Magapgie, Charles Melea Kede, Harlette Poumve Zapenaha, Pierre Gerard Tchieta

Smart Agriculture System using Internet of Things
Authors: Sushma, Taruna Jain

Pathologic Panorama of Glial Tumours in Atertiary Care Centre - Three Years Institutional Study
Authors: Dr. K. Vani, Dr. K. Rama

Rover in Mines
Authors: Bayana Lakshmi Manasa

Problems and Prospects of Small Scale Beef Cattle Fattening Program in a Selected Area of Bangladesh
Authors: Abdullah Al Mamun, Sarder Safiqul Islam, Md. Shafiqul Islam, Md. Maruf Billah

Rhodanese: One of Natures "Sulphur" Biotransformation Machinery
Authors: Leonard Ona Ehigie

An Experimental Study on Use of E-Waste Materials in Concrete for Rigid Pavements
Authors: Anupam Kumar Sharma, Nitin Dutt Sharma

Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Wind and Photovoltaic Stand-Alone Generation System
Authors: Vishal Sharma

Evaluation of the Perception of Orthodontic Treatment among General Dentists in Konkan Belt of Maharashtra: A Questionnaire Survey
Authors: Rodrigues Lishoy, Jamenis Shilpa, Kadam Aljeeta, Borade Pratik, Shaikh Almas

Correction of Midline Diastema - A Quick and Simplified Approach
Authors: Rodrigues Lishoy, Jamenis Shilpa, Kadam Aljeeta, Shaikh Almas

Automobile Piston Ring Design
Authors: Tom K Thomas

Documenting Extraction Process of Helicteres isora Fibre
Authors: Charlotte Facho, Dr. Anshu Sharma

Industry Exposure: It's Influence on On-The-Job Training Performance of Filipino Information Technology Students
Authors: Corazon T. Talamayan

Evaluation of Risk Factors of Hip Fractures: A Retrospective Study
Authors: Dr Irfan Ul Ashraf, Dr Mudasir Rashid

Role of Education in Environmental Sustainability
Authors: M. Senthil Kumar

Holothuroidea (Sea Cucumber): Key to Anti-Aging
Authors: Bharat Kwatra

Predicting Breast Cancer Using Gradient Boosting Machine
Authors: Sahr Imad Abed

Characterization, Principle and Solution of Solvent Effect in Reversed Phase Chromatography
Authors: Xiaobing Zhan, Dr. Vishal Shinde

A Study on Wild Life Tourism of Assam Reference to Gibbon Wild Life Sanctuary
Authors: Dr. A. C. Borah

A Comparative Study of Bal/Balika Ashram and Parent Home Adolescents on Emotional Adjustment
Authors: Dr. Dheeraj Verma, Dr Ruchi Malhotra

Coping with Stress, Tension, and Anxiety during Adolescents and the Role of Parents with Social Work Intervention
Authors: Dr. Debrani Chandrani Choudhury

A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Adolescence Sexuality and Significance of Sex Education
Authors: Kochumon John

Mother Tongue Implementation in the Philippines: What Do Parents Say?
Authors: Gino G. Sumalinog

A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Practices among Cardiac Nurses about Patient Safety after Cardiac Catheterization
Authors: Abhijeet Wankhede, Shivanand Biradar

Method and Algorithm for Identifying the Parameters of the Image Face Person
Authors: Nurjanov Furqatbek Reyimberganovich

Musculoskeletal Problems of Farm Women While Performing Cotton Picking
Authors: J. A. Munde, J. P. Zend

Developing Sapling Carrier for Hand Lever Operated Trans-Planter
Authors: Jayshree P. Zend, Manjusha S. Revanwar

Early Diagnosis of Neonatal Sepsis using Hematological Scoring System in Resource limited Set Up
Authors: Dr Priyanka Gupta, Dr Sanjay Khare, Dr Pramod Mishra

Necessity of Routine Pre and Post Quantitative Coronary Angiography for all Percutaneous Coronary Interventions with Drug Eluting Stenting
Authors: Dr. N. Swaminathan, Dr. G. Panneer Selvam, Dr. S. Venkatesan

The Effect of Good Corporate Governance Mechanism, Financial Performance, and IFRS Adoption on Earnings Management Practices Case Study: Manufactured Firms Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2012?2017
Authors: Yurry Andika Fajri, Misdiyono

Strength and Weakness of Social Work Education
Authors: Ashok B Robinson

Relationship and Responsiveness of Three Outcome Measures of Upper Limb Motor Function after Stroke Rehabilitation
Authors: Ershad Ansari, Chaitali Shah

Role of Serum γ-Glutamyl Transpeptidase (GGT) Level as a Marker for the Detection of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Himani Agarwal, Om Prakash Jha, Pankaj Kumar Meena

Forgotten Ureteral Double-J Stent Complicated by Severe Encrustation in the Bladder
Authors: Dr. Manharsinh Rajput, Dr. Sanjay Lakshminarayan Paul, Dr. P. M. Deka

Orthodontic Wires and Their Recent Advances - A Compilation
Authors: Dr. Lishoy Rodrigues, Dr. Shilpa Jamenis, Aljeeta Kadam, Dr. Almas Shaikh

Determination of Factors Affecting Capital Structure of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in India
Authors: Jasnoor Kaur

Comprehension in the Second Language: How Do Students Learn?
Authors: Gino G. Sumalinog

The Rail Reform Issue: Case of Railway, Mongolia
Authors: Ulziinorov Gansukh, Xu Ming

Associated Intraarticular Lesions encountered during Arthroscopic Assisted Stabilization of Rockwood Type IV and V Acromioclavicular Joint Injuries
Authors: Che Wan Mohd Shaiful Nizam, Siva Thangaraju, Moganadass Muniandy, Siti Hawa Tahir

Awareness about the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Informed Consent in Dental Professionals, Interns and Post Graduate Students in a Dental Institute - A Questionnaire Based Study
Authors: Pharande SV, Toshniwal NG, Potnis SS, Patil SS, Sonawane RS

Theoretical Analysis of Water Cycle to Conclude Potential Energy can be Generated and Destroyed
Authors: Birudev Hajare, Sandip Bhokse, Mahesh Borkar, Laxman Bagal, Arvind Maske, Tushar Mergu

Experimental Validation to Prove Potential Energy can be Created and Destroyed
Authors: Birudev Hajare, Sandip Bhokse, Mahesh Borkar, Laxman Bagal, Arvind Maske, Tushar Mergu

Conceptual Analysis of Clausius Statement to Prove it is Erroneous
Authors: Birudev Hajare, Sandip Bhokse, Mahesh Borkar, Laxman Bagal, Arvind Maske, Tushar Mergu

Classroom Remediation Intervention Impacts on Mentally Retarded Adolescents Females Self Care Practice, their Mothers' Stress and Family Cohesion
Authors: Wafaa Hassan Alseraty, Madiha Mahmoud Makhlouf
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