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The Sustainable Development of Cultural-Based Agrotourism in Toraja

Muhammad Hasyim

Abstract: This research is aimed to reveal the potential agrotourism tourism in Toraja Regencies on foreign tourists perspective (Europe). The present study seeks to explain the aspect of foreign tourists on tourism, culture and traditions that have become typical tourism of Toraja, and their perspectives on the potential of agrotourism development as an alternative trip. This research was carried out using quantitative and qualitative approaches. The research data collection was performed through the interview, utilizing questionnaires distribution to foreign tourists visiting in Toraja. The respondents selection was conducted randomly by meeting foreign tourists in tourist attractions and hotels where they stay. The results of the research demonstrate that foreign tourists tour visit time in Toraja is four days. Two days are for the round trip, from the airport to Toraja, and vice versa), and a two-day tour in Toraja. On the second day of the tour, the travellers feel boredom for visiting the same tourist attractions: Toraja cemetery and traditional house (Tongkonan). Therefore, to develop Toraja traditional cultural tourism that has always been promoted by the regency government of Toraja Regency and Travel Agencies. Foreign tourists should be provided with a combination of variant tourism, i.e. agrotourism. Based on the foreign tourists perspective to increase the attraction of tourists to Toraja tourism; the cultural and natural-based agrotourism is an alternative solution as variant tourism in the development of Toraja local tourism.

Keywords: agrotourism, tourism, culture, natural tourism, Toraja

Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Tourism

Pages: 610 - 616

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 6, June 2019

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Muhammad Hasyim, "The Sustainable Development of Cultural-Based Agrotourism in Toraja", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 6, June 2019, 610 - 616

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