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Effect of Water Yam and Soybean Composite Flours on the Quality of Wheat Based Bread

Ochelle P. O, Ibrahim S, Ukeyima M. T

Abstract: The water yam and soybean were produced into flours and used to substitute wheat flour at different proportions.Five bread samples were produced from the proportion of wheat/water yam/soybean flours as 80%:10%:10%(B),75%:15%:10% (C), 70%:20%:10% (D), 65%:25%10% (E) and 100% wheat was the control sample (A).The developed breads were subjected to functional, pasting,mineral and vitamin analysis. Subsequently,the functional analysis showed, water and oil absorption capacity, foaming capacity increased (p?0.05) significantly while the reverse was the case for swelling index and gelation temperaturebut the bulk density didn?t decrease(p?0.05) significantlywith increasing amount of water yam flour addition at constant soybean level. Pasting analysis showed Peak, trough, breakdown, final and set back viscosities of the flour blends decreased (p?0.05) significantly, while peak time and pasting temperature increased (p?0.05)significantly with increasing amount of water yam flour at constant soybean flour inclusion.The mineral content of the bread also indicated that Potassium, phosphorus, calcium,Iron and sodium content increased (p?0.05)significantly while zinc content decreased (p?0.05) significantly.The vitamin content of the bread samples also indicated that thiamine, niacin, ascorbic acid, folate increased (p?0.05) significantly while riboflavin didn?t increased (p?0.05) significant in the composite bread samples. The nutritional content of wheat-water yam-soybean composite flours bread was nutrient dense product.

Keywords: Wheat, water yam and soybean flours, functional, pasting, mineral and vitamin analysis.

Country: Nigeria, Subject Area: Food Science and Technology

Pages: 184 - 191

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 6, June 2019

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Ochelle P. O, Ibrahim S, Ukeyima M. T, "Effect of Water Yam and Soybean Composite Flours on the Quality of Wheat Based Bread", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 6, June 2019, 184 - 191

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