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Smart Agriculture System using Internet of Things

Sushma, Taruna Jain

Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) play crucial role in smart agriculture. Smart farming is an emerging concept, because IoT sensors capable of providing information about their agriculture fields. The paper aims making use of evolving technology i.e. IoT and smart agriculture using automation. Monitoring environmental factors is the major factor to improve the yield of the efficient crops. The feature of this paper includes monitoring temperature and humidity in agricultural field through sensors using CC3200 single chip. Camera is interfaced with CC3200 to capture images and send that pictures through MMS to farmers mobile using Wi-Fi.Agriculture is the primary occupation in our country for ages. But now due to migration of people from rural to urban there is hindrance in agriculture. So to overcome this problem we go for smart agriculture techniques using IoT . This project includes various features like GPS based remote controlled monitoring, moisture & temperature sensing, intruders scaring, security, leaf wetness and proper irrigation facilities . It makes use of wireless sensor networks for nothing the soil properties, and environmental factors continuously .

Keywords: IoT, Sensors, GPs,

Country: India, Subject Area: Agricultural engineering

Pages: 821 - 822

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 6, June 2019

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Sushma, Taruna Jain, "Smart Agriculture System using Internet of Things", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 6, June 2019, 821 - 822

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