International Journal of Science and Research(IJSR)
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1 Analysis on Impacts of High Temperature on Porosity and Compressive Quality of FC 1 - 5
Authors: C. Giri Prasad, Dr. Ajay Swarup, Country: India
2 India's Vital Health Statistics and Relationship between Health Expenditure and GDP from 1996-2018 6 - 19
Authors: Bhoomika Doshi, Country: India
3 The Effect of Implementation of the Internal Control System and the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance Principles on the Quality of Financial Reports (Case Study at Amanah Insani Islamic Community Financing Bank) 20 - 31
Authors: Ayu Ogi Fazny, Hari Setiyawati, Country: Indonesia
4 A Review on Ethical Consideration in Surgical Procedures in Ayurveda 32 - 34
Authors: Dr. Leena Dhanendra, Dr Anil Kumar, Country: India
5 The Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) as a Function of Improving Quality in Educational Institutions 35 - 39
Authors: Rallabandi Srinivasu, G.V.S.R. Anjaneyulu, Country: India
6 Students' Evaluation in Learning Management System (LMS) as Educational Delivery Tool 40 - 45
Authors: Jenny May T. Cinco, Country: Philippines
7 Competency based Education: Towards Self- Direction 46 - 50
Authors: Pramilaa R, Country: India
8 Prevalence and Factors Associated with Depression among Nursing Students 51 - 54
Authors: Sumitra Koirala, Alina Poudel, Country: Nepal
9 Varied Clinical Manifestation of Congenital Afibrinogenemia: From Thrombosis to Intramedullary Hemorrhage - A Case Series of 7 Patients 55 - 59
Authors: Dr. Shailesh H Bamborde, Dr. Farah Jijina, Dr. Chandrakala .S, Dr. Shrimati Shetty, Dr. Rajesh Patil, Dr. Nilesh Wasekar, Dr. Vinod Patil, Dr. Shruti Mantri, Country: India
10 Solar Light Induced Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Disperse Dye Coralene Dark Red 2B in Effluents 60 - 65
Authors: Parul Trivedi, Sangita Sharma, Country: India
11 Survival Analysis of Cancer Patients Using Weibull Parametric Model 66 - 69
Authors: Wilson Kiprotich Chepkech, Joel Cheruiyot Chelule, Ayubu Anapapa, Herbert Imboga, Country: Kenya
12 Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Edible Mushroom Calocybe indica using Solvent Extracts 70 - 72
Authors: Shyni A.R, Irene Wilsy J, Reginald Appavoo M, Country: India
13 A Study on Management of Non-Performing Assets in Context of Indian Banking System 73 - 77
Authors: Chirag Rana, Country: India
14 ATmega328P & NodeMCU-ESP8266 Based Real-Time Power Monitoring Device 78 - 82
Authors: Arnab Jyoti Mandal, Subhojit Paul, Bhaskar Saha, Saif Ali Molla, Koushik Mondal, Country: India
15 Inter-County Comparative Analysis of ID3 Decision Tree Algorithms for Disease Symptom Burden Classification and Diagnosis 83 - 89
Authors: Nicodemus Nzoka Maingi, Ismail Ateya Lukandu, Matilu Mwau, Country: Kenya
16 Rainfall Runoff Modeling Using SWAT Model for Chaliyr Basin Kerala, India 90 - 97
Authors: Rohtash, Dr. L. N. Thakural, Dr. M. K. Choudhary, Dipti Tiwari, Country: India
17 A Research Paper on Traffic Regulating System to Avoid Road Accidents and Traffic Jam at Signal Cross Road 98 - 101
Authors: Dr. Pritesh Prajapati, Pragnesh H Prajapati, Country: India
18 Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Antidandruff Gel 102 - 104
Authors: Biradev S Karande, Country: India
19 Concepts and Applications of Blockchain Technology 105 - 107
Authors: S. Rajeswari, Country: India
20 Political Implications Depicted in the Tigrigna Satirical Speeches of Wedi Fante 108 - 116
Authors: Tesfamichael Hailemaryam Yohannes, Country: Ethiopia
21 Understanding Political Marketing in the Light of Dream for Sale in Democracy 117 - 119
Authors: Dr. Umakanta Hazarika, Susmita Borah, Country: India
22 Development of QA Cell for PDK Validation and Automation using Cadence Skill 120 - 122
Authors: Payel Das, Santanu Nandy, Country: India
23 The Effect of Internal Controlling System, Government Accounting Standard and the Accomplishment of Audit Findings on the Quality of Financial Statement 123 - 129
Authors: Meiliana Kurniawati, Hari Setiyawati, Country: Indonesia
24 An Observation of Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Elderly 130 - 134
Authors: Routray S.N., Rout S., Country: India
25 Android Application based Wi-Fi Controlled Robot Car 135 - 140
Authors: Pooja S. Kulkarni, G. T. Chavan, Country: India
26 Learning Outcomes of Studentsin Traditionaland Virtual Laboratory Instruction in Science 141 - 146
Authors: Jennifer A. Taguchi, Country: Philippines
27 Growth of E-Banking in India 147 - 151
Authors: Supreet Kaur, Dr. Rajiv, Country: India
28 Difficulties to the Crops Forage Integration in Agricultural Farms in the Sudanian Area of Benin (West Africa) 152 - 159
Authors: Gbenou B, Adjolohoun S, Houndjo DBM, Sa?dou A, Ahoton L, Houinato M, Dahouda M, Sinsin A.B, Country: Benin
29 Evaluation of Association between Serum HS-CRP and Lipid Profile in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 160 - 162
Authors: Dr. Premjeet Kaur, Dr. Naresh Malhotra, Country: India
30 Characterization of Common Knee Joint Diseases using Magnetic Resonance Imaging among Saudi Population 163 - 165
Authors: Hanady Osman, Gihan Ahmed, Tagalsir Altayeb, Abbas Ibrahim, Razan Bogari, Hajer Al-Mutairi, Aisha Al-Shibani, Asrar Al-Ghamdi, Country: Sudan
31 Digital Users Perception on Digital Banking Frauds - A Study with Special Reference to Selected Digital Banking Services 166 - 169
Authors: M. Kannan, Country: India
32 Formulation and Evaluation of Ointment and Liniment Using Moringa Oleifera Seed Extract 170 - 173
Authors: Suraj T. Jadhav, Nitin A Gaikwad, Indrjeet V Mane, Manohar D Kengar, Abhishek S. Pujari, Country: India
33 Effects of Microclimate on Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Cultivars Grown under Different Dates of Sowing under Semi-Arid Regions of Haryana 174 - 179
Authors: Karan Chhabra, Country: India
34 Analysis of Trailing Arm for Weight Optimization using FEA 180 - 184
Authors: Shirish Charhate, P. Bajaj, Country: India
35 Curbing Air Pollution in India 185 - 186
Authors: Samar Hossain, Suneela Garg, Country: India
36 A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Information Booklet on Knowledge about Antenatal Care and Identifying Risk Conditions Associated with Pregnancy among Antenatal Mothers in Selected Rural Hospitals at Mysore 187 - 189
Authors: Vijayasuguna .V, Country: India
37 Interrelationship between Skeletal and Dental Malocclusion in Unilateral Cleft Lip & Palate Cases based on Goslon Yardstick Scale - A Cross Sectional Observational Study 190 - 194
Authors: Dr. Prashant Rajendra Nerpagar Patil, Dr. Pallavi Daigavane, Dr. Ranjit H. Kamble, Dr. Sunita Shrivastav, Dr. Priyanka Niranjane, Dr. Eshita N. Jaiswal, Country: India
38 Internet Banking in Semi - Urban Areas 195 - 197
Authors: Isha Khurana, Country: India
39 Emergence of Political Consciousness in Kashmir during the Dogra Period (1846-1947) 198 - 212
Authors: Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Dar, Ishtiyaq Ahmad Mir, Country: India
40 Insurance Broker Management System 213 - 216
Authors: Akshit Goel, Country: India
41 Success in Daily Life through Bhagwad Gita 217 - 220
Authors: Dr. Pramod Mishra, Viditi Rastogi, Country: India
42 The Correlation between Reading Habit and Students' Writing Ability 221 - 224
Authors: Khairat Risman, Jufrizal, Yenni Rozimela, Country: Indonesia
43 Audit Analysis of Students? Skills and Attitudes towards E-Learning at the Cagayan State University - Carig Campus: Basis for Innovating Teaching and Learning 225 - 228
Authors: Edison D. Bravo, Country: Philippines
44 Effect of Good Corporate Governance Dimension Implementation on Market Value of Equity and its Implication on Stock Return of Banking, Mining, and Manufacturing Firms Listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) 229 - 236
Authors: Witasari, Toto Sugiharto, Country: Indonesia
45 Regulation of the State Systems: A Conceptual Framework 237 - 241
Authors: Mintu Mondal, Country: India
46 An Approach to the Characterization of Dynamic Seal for Torque Sensitive Application 242 - 246
Authors: Sangeetha Singhal, G Sreenivasa Reddy, P Vijaya Kumar, Pramod Kumar, Country: India
47 Digenean Trematode Parasites and Cyprinid Fish Catla catla 247 - 250
Authors: Mishra Anurag, Singh Prashant, Mishra D.B, Singh H.S, Country: India
48 Microbiological Quality of Packaged Drinking Water Marketed within Sokoto Metropolis 251 - 254
Authors: R. M. Aliyu, Y. U Dabai, Y. B. Abbas, Country: Nigeria
49 Industrial Pollution Law and Policy in India 255 - 258
Authors: Vibhu Raj, Country: India
50 Autonomous Self Driving Car 259 - 262
Authors: Vikrant Thakur, Naveen Meena, Chetan Atrai, Amit Aryan, Mamta Tholia, Country: India
51 Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Genetic Tabu Search Algorithm 263 - 269
Authors: Iaia So, Country: China
52 A Comparative Study of Copyright Laws in India, US, UK 270 - 272
Authors: Mayank Negi, Country: India
53 Natural Language-Based Machine Learning Models for Information Extraction from Radiology Reports - Survey 273 - 277
Authors: Jewel Sengupta, Country: India
54 Asrayon: A Resilient Rehabilitation Program in Southern Parts of Bangladesh 278 - 284
Authors: Abdullah-Al-Amin, Country: Bangladesh
55 Novel Approach to Fashion Design using Artificial Intelligence 285 - 289
Authors: Ashwin Kherde, Prashant Jawade, Indrajeet Mane-Deshmukh, Pradnyoday Mirajkar, Country: India
56 A Case of Thyroid Storm Precipitated By Pneumonia 290 - 293
Authors: Christina Permata Shalim, Dewi Catur Wulandari, Country: Indonesia
57 A Novel Approach for Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using the Concept of Computer Vision 294 - 299
Authors: Tripti Singh, Akhilesh Sharma, Country: India
58 Analysis and Optimization of Spaced Sequential Tube-Sheets 300 - 306
Authors: Kedar .S Shelar, Country: India
59 Characterization of Pb Doped CdS Thin Film Fabricated by Spray Pyrolysis Deposition Technique 307 - 311
Authors: Mousumi Kundu, Mst. Halima Khatun, Sajal Khan, Md. Shahjahan, Country: Bangladesh
60 Multivariate Analysis of Factors Underlying Female under Representation in Learning Mathematics 312 - 317
Authors: D. Otoo, W. A. Iddrisu, B. A. Afful, E. Larbi, Country: Ghana
61 Crossing Caste & Religious in the Modern Indian Marriage Market 318 - 320
Authors: Kumari Ranjan Lata, Suryavansh Singh, Country: India
62 Women Participation in Managerial Positions in Debreberhan Town, Ethiopia: Challenges and Tactics 321 - 326
Authors: Wubante Ayalew Dessie, Country: India
63 Analysis of Land Suitability for Agriculture in Hemavathy Watershed 327 - 331
Authors: K. Balakrishna, Dr. H. B. Balakrishna, Country: India
64 Evaluation of Abdomen Computed Tomography Patients' Doses in some Computed Tomography Facilities in South-South and South-East Nigeria 332 - 335
Authors: Ukewuihe Udoka Mathias, Isaiah Eze Igwe, Samuel Okon Inyang, Country: Nigeria
65 Conceptual Understanding of Students on Electron Configuration 336 - 342
Authors: Dexter C. Necor, Country: Philippines
66 Prediction of Stock Values using Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data 343 - 346
Authors: Aishwarya .V, Dr. Vani Priya, Country: India
67 A Brief Study on Shredded Scrap Rubber Tyre Replacement for Cement in Cement Concrete 347 - 349
Authors: Bhaskar Pandey, Akshit Lamba, Piyush Das, Country: India
68 Role of Students in the Library: An Empirical Study 350 - 351
Authors: Dr. Chakpram Hemanta Singh, Country: India
69 A Study on Reoccurrence of UTI in Indian Women 352 - 356
Authors: Shabnam Thakur, Country: India
70 Roadside Friction, its Impact and Remedial Measures on Traffic Characteristics in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir (India) 357 - 364
Authors: Gulam Mohiud din Rather, Peer Muzzamil Yaseen, Showkat Bashir, Country: India
71 Comparative Study of Rainfall at various Rain Gauge Stations of the Pamba River Basin 365 - 369
Authors: Dr. Bloomy Joseph, Koshy P.S., Country: India
72 Cluster Headache in a Woman 370 - 371
Authors: Dr. N. Jeeva, Dr. Nikil Sam Varughese, Dr. G. Saranya, Dr. Sairam JB, Country: India
73 The Relationship between Brand Impression, Price and Consumer Choice Preferences - An Empirical Study Based on Cross-Culture 372 - 378
Authors: Eang Youhouy, Zhou Xiaohong, Country: China
74 Prospective Study on Initiation of Breast Feeding by Breast Crawl and its Maternal and Foetal Benefits 379 - 380
Authors: Dr. Ashish Prajapat, Country: India
75 The field Strain of Anopheles gambiae s.s. Giles Larvae Resistance Ratio (RR) is Twice That of Susceptible (Laboratory Reared) Strain when Tested with Plant Crude Flower and Leaf Extracts 381 - 388
Authors: Glenn O. Araka, Country: Kenya
76 Development of Cross-Platform Desktop Apps using Electron Framework 389 - 392
Authors: Aravind Kumar B, Anitha Sandeep, Country: India
77 Synergistic Combinations of Flower and Leaf Extract Activities of C. cinerariifolium , E. camaldulensis and N. tabaccum Outweigh the Activities of Antagonistic Combinations 393 - 400
Authors: Glenn O. Araka, Country: Kenya
78 A Rare Case Report of Siliconoma in Contralateral Axillary Lymph Node After Silicone Implant Rupture 401 - 402
Authors: Ali Samkari, Ali Farsi, Mohammad Abushal, Country: Saudi Arabia
79 DFT on Rhodamine B Doped BIS Thiourea Cadmium Chloride (BTCC) Crystals for Nonlinear Optical Applications - A New Approach 403 - 408
Authors: M. Kalaiselvan, P. Kumaresan, Country: India
80 Surgical Management of Thoracic Outlet Obstruction: Trans-Axillary Route 409 - 412
Authors: Dinakaran Karthikezhiyam, Gopinathan, Geetha Vasu, Aparna Suresh, Country: India
81 A Study to Compare the Effects of Rocabodo's Exercises with Combination Therapy and Rocabodo's Exercises in Temporomandibular Joint Disorders 413 - 418
Authors: Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Nawaz Mulla, Dr. Ronika Agrawal, Country: India
82 The Effects of Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) Ethanol Extract Cream on Collagen Deposition in Incisional Wound Healing of Male Wistar Rats 419 - 423
Authors: Daniel Setiawan Lay, I Wayan Sugiritama, Ni Made Linawati, I.G.K. Nyoman Arijana, Country: Indonesia
83 Efficient Vehicle Parking Lot System Using Circular Hough Transform For Enhancement Smart City Program 424 - 428
Authors: Krishnaraj Rao N S, Akash Acharya, Aneesh Rao H S, Prathviraj P Shetty, Shreevasa Tantry, Country: India
84 Comparison between pH, EC, CaCO3 and Mechanical Analysis of Qala Wahid and Company Areas Soil, Kabul, Afghanistan 429 - 433
Authors: Shekeb Shamal, Hafizullah Rasouli, Country: Afghanistan
85 Biodegradation of Applied Plant Extracts of C. cinerariifolium, E. camaldulensis and N. tabaccum in the Habitats of Third Instar Larvae of the Malaria Vector Anopheles gambiae s.s. Giles (Diptera: Culicidae) Larvae is a Function of Time 434 - 439
Authors: Glenn O. Araka, Country: Kenya
86 Responses of Piled Raft Foundations in Layered Soils Subjected to Eccentric Vertical Loading 440 - 445
Authors: Siddhartha Sengupta, Country: India
87 Evolution of Rural Settlements of Nadbai Tehsil (A Geographical Study) 446 - 449
Authors: Dr. Gambhir Singh, Dr. Man Singh Meena, Country: India
88 Longevity Swaps: Derivatives for Hedging Longevity Risk Embedded in Variable Annuities (Pension Plans) 450 - 454
Authors: Blessing Tinashe Manzou, Hu Yue, Chen Lanlan, Country: China
89 Auto Building Extraction from HD Satellite Image for the Application of Map Development 455 - 459
Authors: Awantika Singh, Akhilesh Sharma, Country: India
90 Survival Models on Breast Cancer Patients - A Cross Sectional Data from the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) 460 - 467
Authors: Dr. Ramkumar .T Balan, Hassan Swedy Lunku, Ismail Juma, Country: Tanzania
91 Pancreatic Panniculitis: A Rare Case Report 468 - 469
Authors: Dr Alex R Panicker, Dr Ranjit V Ranade, Country: India
92 Inate Immunity: A Review Article 470 - 475
Authors: Jd Yelima, Dr Sa Ufelle2 Ck Chikwendu, Ok Olayemi, Country: Nigeria
93 Granting of Patent under Patent Law 1970 476 - 480
Authors: Vaibhav Chaudhary, Country: India
94 Factors Affecting the Teaching and Learning of Religious Education in Primary Teachers' Colleges. A Case Study of Nyanza Province, Kenya 481 - 496
Authors: Sambu Alice, Country: Kenya
95 Watermarking Algorithm for RGB Noisy Images Using SVD and APBT for Copyright Protection 497 - 501
Authors: Shweta Singh Rathore, Vivek Singh Rathore, Country: India
96 Assessment of Factors that Affects the Performance of Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations in Ethiopia 502 - 510
Authors: Sintayehu Tsega Alemu, Awel Beker Washi, Country: Ethiopia
97 Performance Analysis of Induction Heating Geyser 511 - 516
Authors: Tushar M. Patil, Umesh S. Bhadade, Country: India
98 Evaluation of Association between Microalbuminuria and Serum Lipid Profile in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 517 - 519
Authors: Dr. Premjeet Kaur, Country: India
99 A Combinatorial Approach for High Utility Item Set Mining using FRUP and Direct Discovery Approach without Candidate Generation 520 - 526
Authors: Mansi Jaiswal1, Vijay Prakash, Country: India
100 The Launch of the Malaria Vaccine 527 - 528
Authors: Samar Hossain, Dr Suneela Garg, Country: India
101 Corrosive Effect Eucalyptus and Chir Wood on Mild Steel Panels and its Prevention by VCIs Soaked Paper 529 - 532
Authors: Shailendra Kumar Dwivedi, Country: India
102 A Non-Experimental Descriptive Pre-Test Study to Develop SIM Module regarding Home Care of Epileptic Children among Mothers in Selected Hospitals of Pune City 533 - 534
Authors: Meena Prakash Zore, Country: India
103 Determination of In-situ Field Density on Rock Fill Strata: Experimental Methodology 535 - 536
Authors: Mohd Arham Siddiqui, Country: India
104 Association of Cardio-Respiratory Endurance and BMI among Postmenopausal Indian Population 537 - 539
Authors: Dr. Mamta Chainani, Dr. Shyam Ganvir, Country: India
105 Rural Infrastructure Development Level and its Constraints in Chambal-Yamuna Plain of Western Uttar Pradesh 540 - 543
Authors: Hemant Kumar, Country: India
106 Effect of Job Relevant Information on Managerial Performance with Job Satisfaction as a Moderating Variable 644 - 549
Authors: Swandani, Harryanto, Andi Kusumawati, Country: Indonesia
107 Ranking Higher Education in Current Situation in Vietnam 550 - 553
Authors: Dr. Nguyen Quang Giao, Country: Vietnam
108 Diode Lasers in Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment 554 - 555
Authors: Mariya Miteva, Country: Bulgaria
109 Correction of the Crooked Nose by Septorhinoplasty 556 - 558
Authors: Dr. Anandita Das, Dr Hiranya Borah, Prof. S. Khanna, Country: India
110 Victimology in the Penal Justice System with Special Reference to Women and Children 559 - 566
Authors: Apurav Chander Sharma, Country: India
111 Important Plant Biodiversity of the Southern Part of India 567 - 571
Authors: S. Radhakrishnan, Country: India
112 Laboratory Comparative Study on the Performance of Plain Bitumen and Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen on DBM Grade 2 572 - 575
Authors: Shankargiri K S, Anisha V, L B S Nagaraj Naik, Nitesh Pujari, Rakshan R Shetty, Country: India
113 Effects of Cooperative Learning Approach on the Students' Achievement and Attitude toward Oral Literature Genres in Selected Secondary Schools in Kisii, Kenya 576 - 590
Authors: Makini Sonoi Vitalice, Country: Kenya
114 Customer Awareness and Preference of Life Insurance 591 - 594
Authors: Namiya C V, Country: India
115 Penetrating Foreign Bodies in Head and Neck Trauma 595 - 600
Authors: Dr. Anandita Das, Dr. Anisha Ganguly, Country: India
116 Effectiveness of Self -Instructional Module on Utilization of Contraceptive Devices in Terms of Knowledge and Attitude among Married Women at Selected Community Area Meerut 601 - 603
Authors: Nisha Yadav, Ex. Capt Geeta Parwanda, Country: India
117 I-Search Paper towards Writing Ability of Students with High Self-Engagement 604 - 607
Authors: Mella Nurwinta, Kurnia Ningsih, Hamzah Hamzah, Country: Indonesia
118 The Comparison of Podcast media and Real Object Media in Listening Comprehension Instruction 608 - 610
Authors: Rezqa Gusrizal, Hermawati Syarif, Jufri Jufri, Country: Indonesia
119 Formulation and Evaluation of in Situ Gel Model Naproxen 611 - 613
Authors: Priyanka V Dhalkar, Country: India
120 Evaluation of the Correlation between Serum Vitamin C and Iron Levels in Individuals with Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSMF) 614 - 616
Authors: Nishu Vakil, Surinder Sachdeva, Jyotsna Goyal, Balbir Kaur, Country: India
121 Effectiveness of Planned Teaching on Knowledge Regarding Menstrual Irregularities among Adolescent Girls in Selected Schools of Wardha District 617 - 620
Authors: Ashwini Tonpe, Country: India
122 Correlation of Thyroid Profile with Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose in Hypothyroid Pregnant Women and its Relation with Neonataloutcome 621 - 624
Authors: Sreekutty M, Dr. J. K. Mukkadan, Country: India
123 Effectiveness of Betadine Ointment versus Lavender Oil Application on Episiotomy Wound Healing Among Post Natal Mothers Admitted in PNC Ward of Selected Hospitals 625 - 630
Authors: Christina Michael Martin, Country: India
124 Sentiment Analysis Using Twitter Dataset 631 - 634
Authors: Kanimozhi P, Country: India
125 Evaluation of Efficacy of Intravenous Dexmedetomidinein Post-Operative Care of Cardiac Surgery Patients 635 - 638
Authors: Dr Sachin Shouche, Dr Satish Kumar Mishra, Dr Rangraj Setlur, Dr Shishir Kumar, Country: India
126 Giant Cutaneous Horn: A Rare Case Report and Review of Literature 639 - 640
Authors: Sajjad Hussain, Country: India
127 Waste Management in IoT-Enabled Smart Cities 641 - 644
Authors: Ragula U, Country: India
128 Electronic Learning of Higher Education for Deaf and Dumb Using Sign Language 645 - 649
Authors: Saba Dhey Abed, Dr. Nazhat S. Abdulrazak, Country: Iraq
129 Massive Gastric Dilatation Secondary to Duodenal Tuberculosis: A Case Report 650 - 651
Authors: Sajjad Hussain, Country: India
130 A Revolutionary Impact of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash in Concrete 652 - 653
Authors: Harshit Mishra, Piyush Das, Akshit Lamba, Country: India
131 Solar Power Assisted Smart Battery Charging and Balancing Using Arduino 654 - 655
Authors: Shweta S. Deshmukh, Prajakta R. Waghmare, Sonali A. Dilwale, Shubhangi S. Jawale, Country: India
132 Design of Pavement by SuperCivilCD Software (Road) 656 - 658
Authors: Priyanka Dixit, N.K.Dhapekar, Akshit Lamba, Country: India
133 A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Accidents of Under Five Children among Mothers Residing in Satara Village, Aurangabad 659 - 662
Authors: Shital Sukhadev Thoke, Ashwini Kishor Vaidya, Country: India
134 Variations of Human Lung Fissures and its Clinical Significance - A Cadaveric Study 663 - 665
Authors: Sangeetha A, Nayeemuddin. SM, Chakradhar V, Country: India
135 Study on Strength of Concrete by Using Municipal Sewage as Cement 666 - 670
Authors: Shivakumar DS, Venkatesh S, Punith YM, Country: India
136 Assessment of the Effectiveness of Hospital Waste Management Practices by Public Health Facilities in Garissa County - Kenya 671 - 678
Authors: Abdullahi A. Matan, Country: Kenya
137 Climate Change Awareness and Adaptation Practices of Student Teachers in the University of Eastern Philippines 679 - 681
Authors: Antonieto L. Adora, Nelia M. Adora, Country: Philippines
138 Competitiveness of Micro-Food Enterprises in Catarman, Northern Samar 682 - 684
Authors: Nelia M. Adora, Country: Philippines
139 Student's Performance of BSIE and BSHE in Drawing Subjects in the University of Eastern Philippines: Basis for the Curricular Enhancement 685 - 688
Authors: Antonieto L. Adora, Nelia M. Adora, Country: Philippines
140 Molecular Subtypes of Breast Carcinoma in South Indian Women and their Correlation with Histomorphological and Clinical Features 689 - 715
Authors: Dr. Jessy.K. Jose, Dr. Priya Mariam Kuruvilla, Dr. Jophy Varghese, Country: India
141 Early Diagnostic Markers for Neonatal Sepsis - Haematological Scoring System, C-Reactive Protein and Procalcitonin 716 - 720
Authors: Dr Malvika Gaur, Dr Arathi C.A., Country: India
142 Phenytoin Induced Dress (Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systematic Symptoms Syndrome): A Case Report 721 - 722
Authors: Vageeshwari Devuni, Country: India
143 MGNREGS: It's Impact on Women Empowerment in Meghalaya 723 - 725
Authors: Elizabeth Kharkongor, Country: India
144 A Study of Post Extubation Endotracheal Tube Microbial Colonisation in Patients Undergoing Elective Postoperative Mechanical Ventilation 726 - 732
Authors: Singla S, Kohli P, Pandey M, Country: India
145 Patent Infringement in India 733 - 736
Authors: Abhijeet Kumar Srivastava, Country: India
146 Rain Water Harvesting - A Case Study 737 - 739
Authors: Dr. S. G. N. Kalia, Dr. Y. L. Bhirud, M. S. Dhomse, Country: India
147 Altered Thoracostomy Tube Insertion Sitein Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax Management 740 - 741
Authors: Zainab Alibrahim, Farouk Alreshaid, Zainab Alhashim, Eman Alabbad, Yasser Aljahni, Country: Saudi Arabia
148 A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude regarding Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse among the mother?s of under 12 Years of Children in Selected Rural Area 742 - 744
Authors: Monali Barsagade, Country: India
149 Feeding Management of Backyard Goats in Northern Mindanao, Philippines 745 - 749
Authors: Reynaldo L. Intong, Country: Philippines
150 Mechanical Properties of High Entropy Alloy (AlCuFeMnZn) Prepared by Casting 750 - 751
Authors: Umang Singh, Dr. Satpal Sharma, Country: India
151 DBore Oxidation 752 - 756
Authors: Dronadula Borraiah, Country: India
152 Time: Multidimensional Time 757 - 759
Authors: Ankit Thapliyal, Country: India
153 Marital Rape 760 - 763
Authors: Kartik Sharma, Country: India
154 Valve Repair and Wrap Round: Role of Femoral Vein Valve Repair in Recurrent Chronic Venous Stasis Ulcers 764 - 767
Authors: Dinakaran Karthikezhiyam Gopinathan, Geetha Vasu, Aparna Suresh, Anagha Sathyan, Country: India
155 IoT Based Weather Station 768 - 770
Authors: Dr. Neha Agrawal, Devesh Khurana, Sushant Ahuja, Country: India
156 Effect of Metal Ions on Oil Degradation Activity of Bacillus and Acinetobacter Isolated from Oil Contaminated Sites of Mechanical Workshops 771 - 772
Authors: Dr. Praveen Reddy .P, Country: India
157 Congenital Duodenal Web in 1 Month Old Girl 773 - 776
Authors: Ni Putu Wirantari, Putu Gde Karyana, IGN Sanjaya Putra, Ni Nyoman Metriani Nesa, I Made Darmajaya, Kadek Deddy Ariyanta, Country: Indonesia
158 The Influence of Stress upon Mood, Our Sense of Well-Being, Behavior, and Health 777 - 780
Authors: Sakshi Gupta, Country: India
159 A Review on Introduction to Electroanalytical Chemistry and its Advancements in Pharmaceutical Industries 781 - 783
Authors: P. Sree Mahalakshmi, Country: India
160 Analysis of Visual Impairment for Designing a Revival Center 784 - 786
Authors: Vishnu R, Fazil P, Country: India
161 Analysis on Tax Compliance in Indonesia (Case Study in The Tax Service Office Jakarta) 787 - 791
Authors: Nurarifin Jaya, Apollo, Country: Indonesia
162 Potential Environmental Impacts of Solar Energy Technologies 792 - 795
Authors: M. Srinivasan, A.Velu, B. Madhubabu, Country: India
163 Genetic Analysis in Some Varieties of Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) 796 - 799
Authors: Kamal Benyamin Esho, Country: Iraq
164 Facts and Figures of Camel Milk in Terms of Therapeutic Usage, Camel Milk Business and Nutritional Value 800 - 802
Authors: Chef Devashish Pandey, Country: India
165 Non Surgical Treatment of Severe Class III Skeletal Discrepancy with RME and Reverse Pull Headgear - A Case Report 803 - 805
Authors: Taruna Puri, Nimesh Patel, Country: India
166 Analysis of Determinants Affecting Financial Inclusion in Indonesia 806 - 813
Authors: Irma Yuningsih, Dadan Rahadian, Country: Indonesia
167 Cloud Based Secured and Energy Efficient IoT System 814 - 818
Authors: Shukla Ashish Shivbahadur, Dr. Ravi K. Sheth, Country: India
168 Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Drinking Purposes Using GIS Approach in Fatehabad District of Haryana 819 - 823
Authors: Sushma Bisht, Basant Rai, Ravindra Prawasi, Country: India
169 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Ill Effects of Smog and its Prevention among Residents of Delhi NCR 824 - 828
Authors: Naveena J H, Amandeep Kaur, Country: India
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174 Effect of Treadmill Training and Physical Training on Selected Physical Physiological and Bio Chemical Variables among College Students 857 - 861
Authors: Dr. C. Senthil Kumar, Country: India
175 Cultivated Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) and Wild Strawberry (Duchesneaindica) Rhizosphere associated Microbes as Inoculants to Promote Early Vegetative Growth of Strawberry 862 - 867
Authors: Singhalage ID, Seneviratne G, Madawala HMSP, Country: Sri Lanka
176 Connecting Social Media to E-Commerce Product Recommendation using Top-K 868 - 872
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177 Oral Inflammatory Lesions and Presence of Mast Cells: A Pilot Study 873 - 875
Authors: Dr. Nawal Khan, Dr. Munaza Shafi, Country: India
178 To Study the Effect of Oligohydramnios on Maternal and Fetal Outcomes in 37 Weeks or More Gestation Period 876 - 890
Authors: Dr. Ashish Prajapat, Dr. Pratibha Kulkarni, Dr. Abhijeet Oka, Country: India
179 Formulation and Evaluation of Floating Microspheres of Esomeprazole 891 - 893
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180 Consistency Regulations Implementing Rules and Regulation of Food Derived Specifically Sustainable Agricultural Land in West Java Province 894 - 904
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181 Participatory Development and Governance in Rural India: A Case Study of Palli Sabha in Odisha 905 - 913
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182 Factors Influencing Consumers' Preferences and Purchasing Behavior of Bulk and Packaged Rice 914 - 917
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185 Diagnostic accuracy of Trucut Needle Biopsy and Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology as Compared with Final Histopathological Examination to Diagnose Breast Lump as Malignant or Benign 932 - 936
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189 Dowry Death 947 - 952
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193 Improvements in Enhancing Bi-Lingual Machine Translation Approach 965 - 969
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197 Application on Absolutely Summing Operators on a Tree Space and the Bounded Approximation Property 981 - 988
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198 English Teachers' Problems in Managing Speaking Activities at SMA Negeri 1 Tukka Tapanuli Tengah 989 - 994
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199 Lacunas in Our Education System 995 - 996
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200 Anthelmintic Activity of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Clerodendrum Serratum 997 - 1001
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201 Periodontium and Effect of Smoking - A Clinical Study 1002 - 1004
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202 Research on the Long-Term Correlation between Financial, Economic Growth and Macroeconomic Stability in Developing Countries 1005 - 1010
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Authors: Chigurupalli K, Patel D, Purohit R, Country: India
204 Adequacy between Academic Training and Employment Opportunities in Lubumbashi, DRC 1013 - 1016
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208 Extended Producer Responsibility on E-waste Management in India: Challenges and Prospects 1026 - 1034
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210 Factors Affecting Vernalization and Role of Vernalization in Agriculture 1039 - 1042
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211 Chemical and Nutritional Value of Melon Shell as Possible Fish Feed Ingredient 1043 - 1045
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213 Edition and Circulation of British and Foreign Bible Society Booklets 1053 - 1061
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214 Determinants of Social Media Communication Usage in the Tertiary Institutions 1062 - 1067
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215 Main Concepts in Pragma Linguistic Analysis of Literary Text (In the Examples of Gafur Gulyam?s Works) 1068 - 1070
Authors: Nozima Kozakova, Country: Uzbekistan
216 Investigate the Impact of Workplace Stress on Job Productivity among Nurses 1071 - 1072
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217 Flood and Its Impact on the Economy of Assam: A Critical Review 1073 - 1075
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218 Hybrid Beaming Forming at 60GHz Radio Millimeter Wave for WPAN 1076 - 1081
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219 Cervical Cancer Screening: Does Awareness & Attitudes Vary Among Doctors and Nurses? A KAP study Analysis in a Tertiary Hospital in Northern India 1082 - 1087
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220 Implementation of Lean Construction Tools in Indian Construction Industry 1088 - 1092
Authors: Nifla K, Reshma P, Country: India
221 A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Pressure Sore among the Family Members of Immobilized Patient in Selected Hospital at Selected City 1093 - 1096
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223 Biodiversity of Coastal Areas of Valsad, South Gujarat 1099 - 1106
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225 Azolla Application for Improvements in Soil Fertility 1111 - 1111
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229 Clinical Spectrum of Adnexal Mass Lesions in a Tertiary Care Hospital 1124 - 1127
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231 Clinical and Echocardiographic Profile of Renal Transplant Recipients 1135 - 1136
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232 A Study to Assess the Knowledge Attitude and Practice regarding Postnatal Care among Primi Mothers 1137 - 1140
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234 The Influence of Courtship Culture on Learning Achievement 1151 - 1153
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235 Pilot Study Indicating Possible Effects on Water Impedance Characteristics from Stray Current 1154 - 1157
Authors: Kim Horsevad, Country: Denmark
236 The Development of Play Therapy Model "Remang" for Children Survival of Sinabung Mountain Eruption 1158 - 1163
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237 Understanding the Nutritional Status of Farm Women in Village Maddirala, Bhadradri District 1164 - 1166
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239 Digital Payments - An Innovation in Financial Services 1175 - 1176
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240 Role of the Broadcast Media on Solid Waste Management in the City of Kigali Rwanda 1177 - 1181
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241 Second Law Analysis of Diesel Engine by Using Different Ignition Delay Models 1182 - 1187
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242 Conceptualizing Academic Marginalization Based on Level of Accessibility among Reputed Research Journals and Publication Houses 1188 - 1190
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243 Prospective Study in Predicting Pregnancy Outcome Using Yolk Sac Parameters in First Trimester 1191 - 1194
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244 Assess the Workplace Bullying among Nurses in Selected Hospital of Gurugram 1195 - 1197
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245 Decision-Making Style of Purchasing Fashion Apparels among Rural Youth 1198 - 1202
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246 A Health Care Monitoring System with Wireless Body Area Network using IOT 1203 - 1206
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247 Effectiveness of Clinical Examination on Care of Unconscious Patient among Under Graduate Nursing Students in a Selected Educational Institute 1207 - 1210
Authors: Sumaiya Shaikh, Country: India
248 Formulation, Nutrient and Microbial Analysis of Papaya Leaves and Guava Incorporated RTS Beverage 1211 - 1212
Authors: Govind G Nikam, Country: India
249 A Study on Parts of the Body Exposed for the Running Injury and Various Over Demographic Characteristics of Athletes in Ethiopian First Division Athletics Clubs 1213 - 1217
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250 Transport Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Tunisia 1218 - 1226
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251 Voice Enabled Smart Home Assistant for Elderly People 1227 - 1230
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252 Seasonal Influence on the Diversity of Snails from Nakane Lake in Dhule District of Maharasahtra (India) 1231 - 1236
Authors: Petare R. K, Khodake S. P., Country: India
253 History of England 1237 - 1238
Authors: Anitha .G, Country: India
254 Present day Challenges to India's Foreign Policy 1239 - 1244
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255 Demographic, Clinical and Histopathological Study of Colorectal Cancer in Baghdad City 1245 - 1248
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256 A Study on Emotional Intelligence among Employees at Dalmia Cement 1249 - 1254
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257 Post Operator Delirium Increasing the Hospital Financial Burden 1255 - 1259
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260 Brain Tumor & Skull Fracture Detection Using MATLAB 1269 - 1272
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261 Problematic of the Evaluation in Kalemie's City Public Schools 1273 - 1277
Authors: Moma Kabondo Stephane, Country: Congo
262 Anti Microbial Susceptibility Patterns of Patients with Urinary Tract Infection in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Mangalore 1278 - 1282
Authors: Sandeep Nareddy, Akshatha Rao Aroor, Manjunath J, Country: India
263 Flaming Retinal Hemorrhage Revealing Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (About a Case) 1283 - 1287
Authors: Shamil Louaya, Said Chatoui, Mohammed Badaoui, Ahmed Alayoud, Country: Morocco
264 Vibration-Based Methods for Detecting a Crack in a Fixed Free Beam 1288 - 1293
Authors: Dr. Challa Jayaramulu, Country: India
265 Maxillary Canine Impaction - Orthodontic Challenges 1294 - 1301
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266 Segmentation of Masses in Mammographic Images 1302 - 1305
Authors: Himani Deone, P. B. Bhalerao, Country: India