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Utilization of Waste Plastic in Flexible Pavement

Nitin Dutt Sharma, Anupam Sharma

Abstract: Plastic waste is a common problem now a days. Plastic waste material which we can reuse by certain processing and use in road construction. Plastic is a toxic and perpetual material. Disposal of waste plastic is a menace and become a serious problem globally due to their non-biodegradable and very harmful to human health?s since they are not disposed scientifically and then create a ground and water pollution. Wrappers of betel nuts, chocolate, chips, hand bags, cold drink bottles and all other forms of plastic create significant environmental and economic problem. They consume huge energy and other natural resources, reducing the environment in various ways. Plastic cannot be banned as it will result in usage of natural resources like paper, wood at a great extent. It is made up of various chemical components and is observed as a highly pestilent material which does not certainly degrade in the natural environment after its usage. Waste plastics are prepared up of polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene. Temperature varying among 120?C ? 160?C gives the softening point of these plastic. They do not produce any toxic gases during heating but the softened plastics have inclination to form a lamination or coating over the aggregate, when it is sprayed over the hot aggregate at 160?C. The plastics coated aggregate (PCA) is a better raw material the significance of plastic in terms of cost reduction, increase in strength and durability when these plastics are heated and coated upon the aggregates (160*C) to compensate the air voids with plastic and binds with aggregate to provide stability. PCA- Bitumen mix showed improved binding property and less moistening property. The sample showed higher Marshall stability value in the range of 18-20KN and the load bearing capacity of the road is improved by 100%. The roads laid since 2002 using PCA- Bitumen mixes are execution well. A detailed study on the performance of these roads shows that the construction with PCA- Bitumen mix are performing well. This process is eco-friendly and economical too. By this process a road of 1 Km length and 3.375M width of single lane can consumes 10,0000 carry bags and the road strength is improved by 100% and there found no any pot hole. The mix polymer coated aggregate have presented higher strength. Use of this mix for road construction benefits to use plastic waste. The main objective of my project is to analyze and study how the waste plastic will be effectively utilized in construction of flexible pavement as a binder material for replacing the content of bitumen and in detail process and its successful application.

Keywords: plastic wastes, bitumen, aggregates, plastic bitumen aggregate

Country: India, Subject Area: Civil Engineering

Pages: 1545 - 1549

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019

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Nitin Dutt Sharma, Anupam Sharma, "Utilization of Waste Plastic in Flexible Pavement", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019, 1545 - 1549

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