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Beneficial Effects of Om Chanting on Spatial and Verbal Memory, Motor Skills and Pupil to Limbus Diameter (PLD) Ratio in Young Adults with Type D Personality

Paulson Jose, Mary Shalu Jose

Abstract: In 1995, shirley teles[2]. conducted a study regarding ?autonomic changes during om meditation In 2005, johan denollet[3].Studied ?DS14 standard assessment of negative affectivity, social inhibition and type-d personality? During 2010, sanjay kumar[4].conducted a study regarding ?meditation on om: relevance from ancient texts and contemporary science? During 2016, arati amin [1].conducted a study regarding, beneficial effects of ?om? chanting on depression, anxiety, stress, and cognition in elderly women with hypertension. In 2017, aruna sajeevan [5]Found the correlation of pupil to limbus diameter ratio (pld ratio) with blood pressure and pulse rate. That much previous studies has been done regarding ?om? chanting, and type-D personality also regarding pupil to limbus diameter ratio (pld ratio). The present study was experimental. The subjects were a total of 40 young adults with type D personality,{males(n=20) and females(n=20)}.The sample size is 40. After obtaining written informed consent, the participants were screened for type D personality using DS14 questionnaire. The participants were instructed to sit in sukhasana and to inhalation deeply and then while exhaling should produce sound (chant) OM with the ability to continue until further exhalation is not possible.OM chanting once in a day at 8:00 daily at under the supervision of yoga teacher in college premises. The complete data before ?OM? chanting and after ?OM? chanting were collected subjected to statistical analysis. ? Pupil to limbus (PLD) ratio: PLD ratio was recorded by two box method as specified in the literature6 ? Assessment of spatial and verbal memory: Spatial and verbal memory was assessed by using spatial and verbal memory test7. ? Assessment of motor skills: Motor skills were assessed by using 100 pin dexterity test8.

Keywords: O'Connor Tweezer Dexterity test, Pupil to Limbus Diameter (PLD) ratio, Type D personality, Neegative affectivity,social inhibition

Country: India, Subject Area: Physiology Science

Pages: 1366 - 1371

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019

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Paulson Jose, Mary Shalu Jose, "Beneficial Effects of Om Chanting on Spatial and Verbal Memory, Motor Skills and Pupil to Limbus Diameter (PLD) Ratio in Young Adults with Type D Personality", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019, 1366 - 1371

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