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Mechanical Properties of High Entropy Alloy (AlCuFeMnZn) Prepared by Casting

Umang Singh, Dr. Satpal Sharma

Abstract: HEAs are multicomponent and have high entropy configuration. In this work, experimental analysis of mechanical properties of alloy (AlCuFeMnZn) has been studied. Various mechanical tests ? hardness test, tensile test, strength elongation, yield strength and spectrograph carried out. On performing the tests we can conclude that the alloy have averagely high tensile strength, yield strength, ductile strength and hardness. While comparing the initial compositions of this alloy, we find out that final compositions were change (altered during the casting process) that decide the physical and chemical properties of this material.

Keywords: High Entropy Alloys, Rockwell Hardness Test, Universal Testing Machine, Mechanical Properties.

Country: India, Subject Area: Manufacturing Engineering

Pages: 750 - 751

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019

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Umang Singh, Dr. Satpal Sharma, "Mechanical Properties of High Entropy Alloy (AlCuFeMnZn) Prepared by Casting", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019, 750 - 751

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