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Consistency Regulations Implementing Rules and Regulation of Food Derived Specifically Sustainable Agricultural Land in West Java Province

Rizma Aldillah

Abstract: The enactment of law No. 41/ 2009 on the Protection of Agricultural Land Sustainable Food, is a manual for the Ministry of Agriculture and the provincial government in making policy operations. Implementation Law. No.41/ 2009 on farmland protection is implemented in 4 PP (Government Regulation) and one of them is PP.No.1/2011, which is crucial to the conversion of agricultural land. This paper aims to review how the application of Law No. 41/ 2009 and Government Regulation derivatives in the province of West Java, how wetland conversion impacts the determination of sustainable land and recommended policies to address the impact of the conversion of paddy fields to support the Sustainable Food self-sufficiency. Implementation of the division of agricultural land in the UUPA was perfected back in the Law No. 41/2009. One article UUPA is land acquisition provisions governing the replacement land for agricultural land converted for the provision of land for public purposes, and should be protected and developed consistently to produce staple food for self-sufficiency and national food security. West Java implementation legislation specifically referring to the Law. No.41/ 2009, in order to more implementative in the field and supported by the Government regency. / Cities in West Java. Concrete steps farmland protection policy is that land in West Java were diverted functioned enacted rules specified in the requirements and an obligation for stakeholders. In the approach to spatial planning laws need to be improved further, and soon established a more detailed zoning related to control of agricultural land conversion. Legislation that has been made and is not conducive needs to be revitalized and law enforcement (law enforcement), and should be strengthened through public advocacy consistently. Spatial structuring restyled the region in their respective areas, to ensure the conservation of soil and water as well as the establishment of regional food security, and in line with the spirit of regional autonomy.

Keywords: Consistency. Implementation. Protection of Agricultural Land Food. West Java

Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Agricultural Economics

Pages: 894 - 904

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019

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Rizma Aldillah, "Consistency Regulations Implementing Rules and Regulation of Food Derived Specifically Sustainable Agricultural Land in West Java Province", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019, 894 - 904

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