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A Study to Assess the Knowledge Attitude and Practice regarding Postnatal Care among Primi Mothers

L. Kalaivani

Abstract: Introduction ?The small bundle of joy will soon Be in mothers arm ? the mother who has been anxiety For nine months, surely deserve nothing , but the very best? Swami Vivekananda Motherhood is a beautiful experience where by the mother safely delivers a child. It is the magic of creation. Care must be given to ensure safe child birth. The mother has a right to get proper medical care and treatment. Labour is a natural process, which all pregnant women have to undergo. Women are the primary care taker, first educators, bearers and nurtures of the next generation. Safe motherhood can only be reached if complete care is given to mothers. The post partum period or puerperium derives from Latin word (puer means child and par ere means to bring forth ) refers to the six weeks period after child birth.(Adelepillitheri, 2004) Need For the Study The world health organization (WHO) estimates that 150 million deliveries occur annually. Worldwide, every minute of every day, one woman dies of pregnancy related complications, Nearly 6,00,000 women die each year, of these 99% of deaths occur in developing countries. In India, as per the year 2010 every five minutes, one woman dies from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. This adds up to a total of 1,21,000 women per year Review Of Literature Subbalakshmi .G. etal(2008) has found out that mothers belonging to rural areas are not feeding Colostrum to their babies compared to urban mothers. Dona Muray (2012) has found out that foods containing galactogogue substances enhances lactation Morkved (2012) had done a prospective comparative study regarding pelvic floor exercise and found out that there was significant improvement in pelvic floor muscle strength Avery And Burket (2008) has found out that giving perineal care at least four times a day had lowered the incidence of infected episiotomy wound , pain, discomfort and wound gaping . Researcher View The researcher during her interaction with the postnatal mothers in the maternity and primary health centers at the time of her postings had observed that the mothers were ignorant regarding knowledge about postnatal care .The postnatal mothers had been confined to bed for a long period of time and was unaware about the exercises. They were not able to know about the importance of colostrum and few postnatal mother did not feed colostrum. It has been observed that there were restrictions on some food items. Few postnatal mothers expressed that they could take bath only after 7 days. Considering the above factors the investigator developed a genuine interest and felt the need for conducting the study regarding postnatal care. Statement Of The Problem A Study To Assess The Knowledge, Attitude And Knowledge on Practice Regarding various aspects of Postnatal Care (diet, breast feeding, hygiene, exercises, newborn care and temporary family planning methods) Among Mothers By Self instructional module and Video Assisted Teaching Programme In Selected Hospital, Coimbatore Objectives ? To assess the knowledge, attitude and knowledge on practice regarding various aspects of postnatal care among primi mothers ? To educate the mothers through self instruction module and video assisted teaching programme regarding postnata

Keywords: Knowledge It refers to the verbal responses of respondents to knowledge items on postnatal care as measured by this structured interview schedule. Attitude A feeling or emotion towards a fact or state. Practice It referred to the action of postnatal mothers related to the selected aspects of postnatal care i.e. diet, personal hygiene, exercise, breast feeding and postnatal diet. Postnatal Care It refers to the care given to the mother after the delivery which includes personal hygiene, postnatal exercise, and breast feeding and postnatal diet. Structured and Video Assisted Teaching Programme It refers to a systematically organized need based teaching material regarding postnatal care.

Country: India, Subject Area: Nursing

Pages: 1137 - 1140

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019

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L. Kalaivani, "A Study to Assess the Knowledge Attitude and Practice regarding Postnatal Care among Primi Mothers", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019, 1137 - 1140

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