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Problematic of the Evaluation in Kalemie's City Public Schools

Moma Kabondo Stephane

Abstract: This article presents the study results carried out in Kalemie city?s official primary schools in Tanganyika province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The author exploits the question of the "non-respect" of the docimological norms by the majority of the teachers in the formulation of the questions of evaluation. It is true that for it to be valid and complete, a school learning assessment questionnaire must take into account all six levels of Bloom's taxonomy. Thus, the author finds, at the end of his study, that few teachers of official primary schools of Kalemie city respect the docimological standards in the formulation of evaluation questions.

Keywords: Docimology, evaluation, teacher, learner

Country: Congo, Subject Area: Pedagogy

Pages: 1273 - 1277

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019

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Moma Kabondo Stephane, "Problematic of the Evaluation in Kalemie's City Public Schools", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019, 1273 - 1277

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