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A Study on Reoccurrence of UTI in Indian Women

Shabnam Thakur

Abstract: Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are most commonly occurring bacterial infection of the urinary tract, mainly caused by the Escherichia coli. UTI takes place in both males and females; however, women are more at risk of developing UTI than men. One in two women suffers from a UTI at least once in her life. In women, recurrent UTIs present a challenging problem. Several factors such as sanitization, pregnancy, menstruation, use of contraceptives, sexual activity, etc. are mainly responsible for the development of a recurrent episode of UIs. The treatment strategies including general approaches and Pharmacotherapy for UTIs should be based on the most recent guidelines, considering resistance patterns in the local community. This review article focuses on the most common factors involved in the development of UTI along with the prevention and treatment strategies. Further research is required concerning the fast diagnosis of UTI, precise probable identification of patients with resistant microorganism and development of new pharmacotherapy for recurrent UTI.

Keywords: Urinary Tract Infection, Common Factor, Recurrent Episode, Treatment strategies, Antibiotic Resistance

Country: India, Subject Area: Gynaecology

Pages: 352 - 356

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019

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Shabnam Thakur, "A Study on Reoccurrence of UTI in Indian Women", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019, 352 - 356

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