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Comparison between pH, EC, CaCO3 and Mechanical Analysis of Qala Wahid and Company Areas Soil, Kabul, Afghanistan

Shekeb Shamal, Hafizullah Rasouli

Abstract: "This research carried out study on two different locations of soil profiles at Company and Qala Wahid located to the upper part of Kabul sedimentary basin, to find out the pH, EC, Calcium carbonate and soil fractions. Therefore, This research is important and essential to estimate the different size of soil fractions, pH, Electro - Conductivity (EC) and amount of CaCO3 between different depth of soils, because there was no previous research in this area or basin . This article provides the results of transported at different size and type of sediments carried out by Paghman river discharge, from Paghman mountain snow covered areas at upper part of Kabul basin in Afghanistan. The main objective of this study is to select some chemical and physical characteristics of river sediments transported by Paghman river discharges in upper parts of Kabul basin for the previous geological periods. When we find calcium carbonate by Calcimeter the amount of calcium carbonate at the A ? Horizon of Company profile is 0.437 %, in B - Horizon is 0.60 % and at the C - Horizon of the profile is 0.32 %, and When the mechanical analysis done at the A - Horizon of the sand is 50 %, silt is 42 % and clay is 8 %, at the B - Horizon of this profile the sand was 48 %, silt 42 % and Clay 10 %, and the C - Horizon of this horizon sand 49 %, silt 40 % and clay 11 %. The pH of this profile at the A - Horizon is 7.90, EC 961 ?s / Cm, B - Horizon pH is 7.87, EC 920 ?s/ Cm and at the C - Horizon pH is 7.85, EC is 875 ?s/ Cm. At the profile of Qala Wahid the calcium carbonate is 0.35 %, B - Horizon calcium carbonate is 0.406 % and the C - Horizon calcium carbonate is 0.474 %. when the mechanical analysis done on Qala Wahid at the A - Horizon sand is 50 %, silt 38 % and clay 12 %, at the B - Horizon sand 48 %, silt 42 % and clay 10 %, at the C - Horizon sand 50 %, silt 42 % and clay 8 %. In this profile pH is 7.75, EC 849 ?s / Cm, B - Horizon pH is 7.75, EC 861 ?s/ Cm and at the C - Horizon pH is 7.75 and EC is 870 ?s/ Cm."

Keywords: Soils, Comparison, Pedogenic Horizon, Hydrometer, pH, EC, CaCO3, Qala Wahid and Company

Country: Afghanistan, Subject Area: Geology Science

Pages: 429 - 433

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019

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Shekeb Shamal, Hafizullah Rasouli, "Comparison between pH, EC, CaCO3 and Mechanical Analysis of Qala Wahid and Company Areas Soil, Kabul, Afghanistan", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019, 429 - 433

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