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Genetic Analysis in Some Varieties of Pepper (Capsicum annum L.)

Kamal Benyamin Esho

Abstract: The present study was carried out at the vegetable field research , horticulture and landscape design , College of Agriculture and Forestry , Mosul University during growing season spring 2019, ten pepper genotypes were collected from Mosul area and from farmers , to estimated genetic analysis in pepper genotypes .The result showed there was significant among the genotypes for all the traits under the studied . The genotype Peperno Quadrato Giallo gave the high value in number of branches per plant (9.133) and in fruit weight (59.433 g.) . while the genotype Pepperno Quadrato D3 ti Rosso was supervise for the number of fruit per plant (142) and in fruit diameter (5.2 cm.). The genotype Peperone Friariello gave the high mean value in fruit length (13.967 cm ) , total yield (7.433 ton/donum ) and in percentage of Vitamin C. (93.333 mlg./100 g. fresh weight). Whoever , the phenotype ?2p and genotype ?2g were higher for the plant height (cm.) , number of fruit per pant , fruit weight and in vitamin C. , also the PCV GCV take the same line of the results . the heritability in broad sense was more than 50% for all traits under the studied .The genetic advance was higher for plant height , fruit weight and in vitamin C.

Keywords: genetic, pepper , analysis , varieties

Country: Iraq, Subject Area: Genetics Science

Pages: 796 - 799

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019

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Kamal Benyamin Esho, "Genetic Analysis in Some Varieties of Pepper (Capsicum annum L.)", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),, Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019, 796 - 799

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